Doctors Episode 17

Hye Jung finally learns the truth about Mal Soon’s death. Unfortunately, learning the truth doesn’t help her as much as she would have liked. Myung Hoon’s still an unrepentant asshole. Kang Soo gets his surgery and Hye Jung and Ji Hong reach an impasse.


Doctors Episode 16

Hye Jung’s comes closer to finding out what happened with Mal Soon, but a VIP crisis puts her in a position where Myung Hoon can have her fired. Ji Hong confesses the depth of his feelings to Hye Jung and Kang Soo’s ill. Very ill.

Doctors Episode 15

Hye Jung and Ji Hong receive a case that brings up conflict in their relationship and has us realizing that as much as we might have thought otherwise, Hye Jung and Ji Hong don’t have supernatural powers: they’re just two neurosurgeons trying to do their best and learning that ultimately, sometimes, all you can do is hope for a miracle.

Beautiful Mind Episode 14 (Final)

It’s a sweet ending to the tale of the psychopath who might not have gotten ‘cured’ but who’s learned how to love and stand by others in his own way. Young Oh comes to Suk Joo’s rescue and is in turn rescued by his father. Suk Joo opens a can of worms that weeds out his enemies and has Soon Ho finally getting what he desires. Young Oh and Gun Myung mend their broken relationship and we leave our characters happier than how we’d met them. It’s a beautiful ending, for a Beautiful Mind.

Beautiful Mind Episode 13

Young Oh’s love for Jin Sung is beautifully innocent and so magnanimous that it brings tears to the eyes of even the most cynical of persons. Jin Sung turns out ill, very ill. Suk Joo gets a rude awakening and Young Oh makes an unbelievably big sacrifice for love (although he probably still hasn’t put a name to it) that has us confirms that just because he can’t put words to his emotions, doesn’t mean he can’t feel even deeper and stronger than anyone else can.

Doctors Episode 14

Sometimes, even adults are clouded by optimism and hopelessness to believe that the world treats orphans as it should. Hye Jung and Ji Hong’s relationship continues to grow. Seo Woo’s getting better. Myung Hoon’s still in the dark as to who Mal Soon’s granddaughter is. And Hye Jung shows up in time to talk down a patient from making a humongous mistake.

W Episode 7

Turns out that we can never get enough of Chul and Yeon Joo’s kisses, especially if he follows a scathing argument about whether or not Chul has free will with a smoking hot kiss. Yeon Joo finds herself suddenly hitched. Chul sets out to courting his girlfriend turned bride. So Hee’s fading away. Do Yoon starts to get suspicious and the killer’s back and makes Yeon Joo his next target.

W Episode 6

“W” continues to prove to us that whatever we think we know will get turned on its head and leave us hanging onto our hats whilst our minds get blown. It’s exhiliarating. Seong Moo pulls through. Chul’s stuck in limbo, but thankfully isn’t there forever. Yeon Joo and Soo Bong find a way to resume time in “W” and she and all of us are thrilled when she heads back in.

W Episode 5

Chul’s foray into Yeon Joo’s world has consequences and has us realizing that Seong Moo sucks at talking himself out of a dangerous situation. Here’s an idea Seong Moo. Just stop talking. We get even more kisses, a shipping war, Seong Moo being a jackass and a broken Chul. Ahhhh “W”. How I love you.

Beautiful Mind Episode 12

Everyone faces hard truths this episode and Young Oh has everything he’s thought he knows about himself come crumbling down. Gun Myung continues to choose to hide until he has nowhere to hide anymore and the truth is brought to light. And Young Oh makes the decision to start to live for himself.

Beautiful Mind Episode 11

Suk Joo continues sliding down the rabbit hole and at this point, we’ve lost all hope of him coming back out. Young Oh continues to experience different emotions and realizes that he is changing, changing enough to want a relationship. Until a test result slams that door right back in his face.

Doctors Episode 13

Seo Woo might find love in a place she’s not looking, but she can be certain that Yoon Do will continue to be his brutally honest self. And honestly, the girl needs the stern talking to. Hye Jung and Ji Hong continue to be sweetly in love. Hye Jung gets a glimpse of Seo Woo’s family life and Ji Hong gets to work trying to mend the bridge between Hye Jung and her father.