I’m an eight foot alien living on earth with a plan to take over the world…

Hahaha. Just kidding. Hello, I’m Sandra, an obsessive writer who falls in love with her passions so deeply that she just has to share it with everyone who can hear; in this case my love for dramas; primarily Korean but I also watch the occasional C-drama, J-Drama and Taiwanese drama. If you know of any that’s started and is really good, buzz me up and I’ll check it out. Who knows, I might just blog about it.

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I’m Nigerian, living and working in one of the most amazing, diverse, intense, crazy, vibrant cities on earth: Lagos (and yeah, Captain America: Civil War only captured a minuscule part of what our city looks like. Or at least they tried to. Lagosians know that that’s not it).

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I’m a huge fan of a great cocktail, red or white wine, spirits and even a beer or two. Oh what the hell, I love me some alcohol, as long as I’m taking it in moderation and I’m in the mood for the buzz. Which happens not as frequently as some people might think ;).

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In putting together this blog, I considered the fact that quite a number of drama episodes remind me of a drink or two and I figured why not combine both. If anything more people might just start experimenting with a recommended drink when they’re watching a particular episode. Try it. You’ll thank me. You’ll see :).

Oh, and feel free to reach out to me though the Contact button or Tweet me. I’m always happy to hear from everyone. And before I leave, here’s a picture of Lee Jong Suk holding a cat, because it’s Lee Jong Suk and I love me some cats!

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