Love o2o Episode 2

Quick run-through:

We start our courtship off in the same way we started off the drama: in the role playing game. Nai He sets out to not only marry Wei Wei but making it everything she didn’t know she wanted (in other words, he so kicked Zhen Shui’s butt. Hahahaha). Guang’s a poison pen writer, Wei Wei’s no shrinking violet and Nai has a cruel streak that works perfectly well for me.

Top 10 Moments:

  1. A wedding is in the works and it’s going to be grand (grand I tell you :D).

Wei Wei’s surprised at Nai He’s offer and immediately asks why on earth he would want to marry her. His answer’s pretty simple: there’s a tournament of heroes coming up and he wants her to partner with him so they can win. Wei Wei weighs her options. Sure Nai He’s a stranger but pairing with the man ranked number one will mean she will rise to the top of the ranks on her server. The thought is enough to get her to agree and she’s all up for them to tie the knot immediately. Nai He though wants something grander and would rather wait for three days first. After all, he is Nai He and his marriage can’t be low-key (ooooh. I’m all up for it. Make Zhen Shui go green with envy Nai He). With that said, he logs out of the game and we get the confirmation that Nai He is the game player of Nai who smiles at his impending marriage (so cute). One of his roommates comes running in to give the others good news: Yi Ran’s asked them to come and help her fix her computer and although they’re well aware that Yi Ran’s probably asking so she can get closer to Nai, they are happy at the chance to hang out with Yi Ran’s friends. Nai however bursts their bubble by stating that he won’t be coming with them because he’s now married in the game and it wouldn’t be right for him to go fix a girl’s computer (that’s strange because you can separate your game life from real life but sweet because we know he’s only saying so because he’s seen Wei Wei and likes her just as well as he likes game Wei Wei).

2. Wei Wei gets the stamp of approval from the committee of friends (how cute)

Nai’s friends are immediately curious as to who he’s getting married to. Once they identify her as Wei Wei, they immediately remember her as the only female in the top 10 ranking (awesome) and Zhen Shui’s ex-wife. Inside the game, Wei Wei meets with Nai He who shows up with his friends: Ban Shan, Monkey Wine, and Zha Ta. All five of them then tag team to take down several monsters and the other boys are impressed at Wei Wei’s skills. They also bring up the wedding and when it would hold and are surprised that Nai actually chose an auspicious date for his game wedding (so cute. He wants it blessed in the best of ways).

3. The girls learn that they were tricked into attending the basketball game (drats! And here I was thinking I would get to see Nai play)


It’s the day of the basketball match which is also the day for Wei Wei and Nai He’s online gaming wedding. Wei Wei considers not attending (the basketball game, not the wedding) but her classmates urge her to and soon she and her roommates are all at the court, with their front row seats and looking forward to seeing Nai. Unfortunately, the girls learn that the boys had lied about Nai showing up so a lot of people would come to see them play and so they leave and inform Zhong (Ling’s boyfriend) that they will come back later. He points out that their seats might get taken but they figure that with Nai not being able to come, there will be empty seats from which they can easily catch the game (seriously, did the boys think everyone would stay after they notice that Nai didn’t show up? They should have added glue to the seats. That would have upped their chances. Hehehehe).

4. Nai doesn’t show up for the basketball game after all (awwwww)

Turns out that Nai has a gamers conference to attend and so whilst the basketball game audience dwindles as they realize that Nai isn’t going to show, Nai gives a kickass presentation that has several IT companies coming to meet him afterwards, to request for a further meeting so they can make him an offer on the mobile battle game he’d presented. His friends are delighted at their perceived belief that they will get several good offers for the game but Nai’s a cool cucumber as he replies that they will have to wait and see. He is more concerned however with the fact that he has a wedding to go to (awwww). Meanwhile, the basketball court is almost practically empty but the computer science girls have their placards and cheers ready and are soon cheering on the computer science team (awwww. So cute). After the game, Wei Wei runs to her room to attend her wedding.

5. Nai and Wei Wei get married and it’s a grand affair indeed

Both Wei Wei and Nai make it to their computers in time to log in and get married. Some leaders of other gangs are also present and inform Wei Wei that they’re there to partake in her wedding parade. Turns out that Nai He had helped them out in the past and they figure that it’s only right that they get to be a part of the wedding ceremony. The newlyweds also exchange gifts, although when Nai He at first presents Wei Wei with a dagger as her wedding gift, she turned him down. But knowing his wife well enough, he points out that the weapon would come in useful in their next fight and Wei Wei accepts (awwww. He knows her so well. How cute).

6. Communication is key in a marriage and Nai He and Wei Wei have it down pat 

During the wedding parade, Enchantress Yu and her friends stand on the pavilion and gossip about the fact that Nai He married Wei Wei when they assumed that he would have gone with the more beautiful Enchantress Yu (girl, you settled for second best. Get over it already). Nai He doesn’t pay them any mind and when someone shouts out about Enchantress Yu being better than Wei Wei and Zhen Shui being better than Nai He, the game moderators correct them: Nai He’s better than Zhen Shui but Enchantress Yu ranks higher than Wei Wei. Nai He’s friends refuse that claim though and state that Enchantress Yu should put her money where her mouth is: engage in a duel with Wei Wei (ooooh. Wei Wei would so whoop her ass several days to Sunday). Enchantress Yu however doesn’t take them up on it and the procession continues. But soon, the rumor mill is back at it and start implying that Nai He had once fought with Enchantress Yu. But she’d dumped him and so he and Wei Wei getting together is more a case of two broken hearted souls getting married to each other. Wei Wei’s at first upset at the words but immediately messages Nai He who clarifies that the game mod had initially brought Enchantress Yu to fight with his group. But she’d been a horrible fighter and he’d kicked her out. The explanation gels well with Wei Wei who smiles and lets the matter rest.

7. Wei Wei gets a romantic honeymoon (so cute)

Wei Wei and Nai He then move on to the honeymoon mission and they carry it out in style. From Nai He offering them both a hot balloon ride on a full moon, to him playing an instrument whilst Wei Wei praised him on the performance and called nature to come witness the moment. He even offers her a gorgeous rose in full bloom (*sigh*. Talk about perfection).

8. Guang’s a self righteous prick (dude, if you like the girl, there are more honorable ways to go about it)

Wei Wei’s hurt when a campus news report is brought to her notice. Turns out someone had taken a picture of her getting out of the sports car of her student’s mother and turned it into a sordid story about her ‘seeing’ rich men. The news spreads so much that even Nai overhears it whilst he’s in the library. An angry Wei Wei immediately traces the IP address and learns that it’s the Foreign Language student: Cao Guang that’d made the post. She immediately heads to his department to confront him about it. She shows him the picture she took with her paralyzed student and his mother, whilst they all stood beside the mother’s car. Guang though believes that the picture was fabricated and so Wei Wei writes her student’s house address down for him and suggests that he go pay the family a visit. After all, her student is looking for an English tutor and Guang can use the chance to see that she’s telling the truth. With that said, she walks away, leaving a stunned Guang behind.

9. Revenge is a dish best served a slice at a time (hahahahaha)

Wei Wei gets called into the game and Nai He brings her to Blood devil: a player who’d been claiming that Nai He married Zhen Shui’s ex-wife. He leaves the choice of Blood Devil’s death to Wei Wei who settles on using her knife to slice him up. Blood Devil at first gloats about the length of time it would take Wei Wei to kill him but is soon pleading when Wei Wei tells him that she intends to take as long as possible. Even better she’s activated auto play so she doesn’t have to keep pressing the keys to cut him up. Even worse, Nai He promises to come back when he knows Blood Devil’s about to die and fill up his blood so it would take him even longer to die (hahahahaha. That is so cool). Unfortunately for Blood Devil, he can’t log out and die because he has a mission to complete and so must stay on and suffer the indignity of a slow slow death. Wei Wei’s thrilled at the cruel streak in her husband and soon both of them leave: Nai He because Nai has to make a call and Wei Wei so she can complete her term paper.

10. Sometimes, it’s way more than a game

Whilst Wei Wei and Nai He are otherwise occupied, Enchantress Yu’s underlings show up and see Blood Devil, tied up and being cut to death. They know him and figure they can reason with Wei Wei and Nai He. Wei Wei is the first to return and warns them off, saying that the issue is between them and Blood Devil. The girls though feel that they’re taking things too far, and Nai He returns to warn them to either back off or die (ooooh. That sounds cruel and hot all at once).

Character I wanted to bitchslap:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNo one in this episode.





Headache inducing moment:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNone in this episode.





Alcohol Rep:


This episode’s a Bailey’s Rhapsody Eggnog. It’s beautiful and tasty and makes me happy. Oh so happy. I’m happy that I got more of Nai and so thrilled to see that he’s not the perfect hero. He has a cruel streak that just peeks out in bits and it has me eagerly looking forward to it being shown more in depth. Wei Wei continues to exceed all my expectations (girl is amazing!) and I really am looking forward to seeing more of this new power couple. And might I add that I love how Nai is courting her in the game. He hasn’t upped his game in real life yet and it just further seals the deal for me that he loves her skills as a player as much as he loves Wei Wei herself.









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