Love o2o Episode 1

Quick run-through:

Gaming, a kickass heroine who is smart, capable, beautiful and with a solid head on her shoulders; it’s 44 mins of awesomeness that guarantees that Love o2o will have its place in my heart. Wei Wei’s awesome, as her friends and roommates. Nai’s still unknown, although the little we see has him in a good light. Even in games assholes will still be assholes, but nothing says I can do better than you than finding a top notch replacement for your jerk of an ex-husband.

Top 10 Moments:

  1. It’s fantasy, it’s magic, it’s a kickass game I so badly want to play

We open with an online role playing game, in Jinling City where a monster of epic proportions is seriously kicking ass and taking names. After he successfully takes out two players, in flies the game’s super couple: Wei Wei and Zhen Shui to take down the baddie. They combine powers and play each other so well that they not only successfully defeat the monster, they also get a spoil from the victory: The Almighty Magic Necklace. The necklace is handed over to one of Wei Wei’s friends: Nini and another player challenges her for it. Nini though is well aware that the player is ranked amongst the top 10 players in the game and agreeing to duel with him would result in her losing and the player suggests that Wei Wei duel with him in her stead. In exchange, he would give the magic ring he’s acquired. Wei Wei agrees and the two players set a time and venue for the meet.

2. The real Wei Wei is even more kickass than her game counterpart

Zhen Shui and Wei Wei separate from the other players and Zhen Shui points out that they’ve been a couple now for six months, yet Wei Wei still calls him Zhen Shui instead of the less formal Wu Xiang. Wei Wei finds it awkward however and Wu Xiang asks the next pressing question on his mind: what does she look like and can he see her? We then pan over to real Wei Wei who’s just about to reply when her laptop goes out. It turns out that her apartment’s out of electricity because her roommate Xi blew out the power source whilst using her electric cooker to make noodles. Wei Wei comes to the rescue to fix the power source and as she does so, she tells Xi about Wu Xiang’s request to see her picture. Xi’s curious to know if she would share her picture but Wei Wei’s insistent on not doing so. They became a couple on the game, not because of looks but to carry out challenges. But, she intends to come up with a lie like say, her laptop crashed and she lost all her pictures, so as to get out of having to send her picture to Wu Xiang. Turns out though that her laptop really has crashed (hahahaha. Be careful what you wish for Wei Wei), thanks to Xi accidentally dropping it the day before.

3. It’s the start of a crush (awwww Wei Wei)

Wei Wei and Xi head out to fix her laptop (which Wei Wei intends to fix herself) and they come across a group of students gathered around a noticeboard. Turns out that there will be a basketball match between the Computer Science department and the Biochemistry department. Everyone’s excited at the thought of possibly seeing Nai play, including Wei Wei and Xi. Wei Wei’s excited because Nai’s a computer genius and Xi because he’s good looking and with a great body (hahaha). The two friends agree though that they would have to get to the venue an hour early so they can grab great seats.

4. We meet Yi Ran; the school beauty who sucks at bargaining

Wei Wei and Xi head to a store to get her motherboard and whilst there, run into Yi Ran and Anna. Yi Ran’s there to pick up a RAM (and impress someone) which the store owner tries to sell to her at an inflated price. Wei Wei speaks up about the high price and the fact that the RAM is not brand new either. The shady store owner is affronted and when Anna tells Yi Ran that the person talking is Wei Wei, Yi Ran’s all smiles as she tells Wei Wei that she will pay the store owner’s price. Turns out that the reason why is because Yi Ran’s the school beauty, but the previous year, Wei Wei’s picture had given her some solid competition. She’d eventually won but only because the picture of Wei Wei that was submitted had been a blurry one (I can so totally believe that. Wei Wei’s gorgeous. Yi Ran’s just pretty. Talk about a big difference).

5. The meet cute (or rather he met her and she has no idea)

With her laptop out of commission, Wei Wei heads to an internet cafe to log into her account so she can duel with the player who had challenged Nini. At the same time, Nai’s in an inner room in the cafe, playing  a game of ‘Go’ against his uncle. His uncle expresses surprise that Nai wants to start his own gaming company and offers to give Nai a present should he win their game. Both Nai and Wei Wei then take on their opponents and defeat them easily. Nai’s uncle is impressed and offers the internet cafe as the spoils of Nai’s winnings. Nai turns down the offer, stating that he would rather build something from the ground up. They then head outside and when his uncle leaves him for a moment to answer a call, Nai notices Wei Wei’s playing and is utterly impressed by her skills. She has her back to him and doesn’t notice him and when she stands up to leave, he only catches a glimpse of her side profile.

6. We meet the rest of Wei Wei’s roommates 

Back at the dorms, Wei Wei comes running in with their bedsheets which had come close to almost getting soaked by the rain. Ling who has on a face mask and had been trying to get Xi to bring it in is grateful and Xi fills the girls in on Wei Wei’s run-in with Yi Ran. She also tells them about the end result: the seller had refused to sell Wei Wei the new motherboard. Wei Wei isn’t worried though as she figures she would just repair her old motherboard. Ling points out that even though she too is in Computer Science, Wei Wei keeps proving that she (Wei Wei) is way out of their league. It seems to be a regular refrain because Wei Wei isn’t bothered by it and instead focuses on finding her game notes which she believes will contribute to her achieving her dream: getting to work with CEO Feng (the creator of the game Wei Wei’s always playing: Dreaming of Jianghu), and helping him design his new game.

7. Yi Ran might be pretty externally but she’s not so pretty inside

Yi Ran meets with Nana and curiously asks about Wei Wei. Nana fills her in on Wei Wei being the one who came second in the beauty contest. Yi Ran replies that Wei Wei’s really pretty, but she’s all smiles when Nana derides Wei Wei’s beauty and is all ears when Nana states that Wei Wei is not a nice girl. Matter of fact, she stepped out of a luxury car once and Guang took a picture. To that effect, Nana goes to Guang to ask for the picture and Yi Ran’s visibly disappointed (girl, were you planning on using it so you can feel better about yourself or something?) when he replies that he’s deleted the picture. Nana wonders if Guang likes Wei Wei and Guang scoffs that Wei Wei is nothing like his type (methinks you doth protest too much Guang. Just saying).

8. Zhen Shui’s a superficial asshole (and he will so regret it! How dare he!).

Wei Wei repairs her computer and returns to the game. After defeating a monster, she gets a call from Zhen Shui who has her follow him to a temple so they can dissolve their partnership (a divorce in a fantasy game? That’s interesting). Wei Wei agrees and after the divorce is final, Zhen Shui offers her some equipment as a consolation price. Wei Wei has no interest in it and leaves. She’s later joined by Nini who informs her about Zhen Shui’s partnership with Enchantress Xiao Yu. She has Wei Wei log out of the game so she can check out Yu stats on the game. Turns out that Yu is the game player for Yao who is quite famous for her beauty, and she’s put up her pictures for everyone to see. The real Wei Wei who doesn’t have any picture up therefore, is thought of to be a transvestite (what the fuck?) and that’s why Zhen Shui had asked for a divorce: he wanted to pretty wife (what an asshole). Wei Wei logs back into the game to witness the wedding procession and then logs back out to cry (awww. Poor Wei Wei).

9. Wei Wei’s a master at saving face (you go girl)

With Wei Wei present for the wedding procession, everyone gets on her side, having figured that she was wronged and they soon take to calling Yu shameless for snatching Wei Wei’s husband. Wei Wei who has no idea of what’s going on comes back from the bathroom to see this public war going on. Zhen Shui’s sends her a message wondering why she’s acting up when she had seemed cool about their separation and Wei Wei replies that she just came to see the festivities. Having figured that she can’t leave as people would assume that she’s heartbroken, she turns the problem into an opportunity to offer some brewed potions at a sale price and soon everything returns to normal.

10. When your ex-husband’s an asshole, couple up with someone who’s more handsome, more powerful and is waaaaaay richer (hahahahaha)

With the potions all sold out, the crowd disperses and makes to leave. But before she can leave, Wei Wei hears her name get called and turns to discover that it’s Nai He, the number one ranked player in the game. Wei Wei’s impressed as she’s always considered him a master, but when Nai He asks what she thinks of the wedding that just happened, she’s disappointed to realize that he’s just there to gossip as well. She puts on a smile and calls it grand and Nai He asks if she wants her wedding to be even grander. Even as Wei Wei’s dealing with this sudden turn of events, Nai He asks her to couple up with him (whoop whoop. Now that’s what I call a slam dunk. Take that Zhen Shui!).

Character I wanted to bitchslap:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNo one in this episode.





Headache inducing moment:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNone in this episode.





Alcohol Rep:


This episode’s a Strawberry Daiquiri. It’s sweet, refreshing and so amazingly well done that it makes the time fly by. The visuals are stunning, both in real life and in the game play and I love how things kick off for our heroine. She’s in a field that is predominately male but is so good at what she does that she doesn’t need anyone’s help. It’s not every time you meet a capable heroine who is intelligent and smart and beautiful and who doesn’t think that she should be judged based on her beauty. She’s like Christina Yang, telling people that if you want to complement her, complement her mind, and I love her for it. We didn’t spend a lot of time with Nai but a guy who’s totally intrigued by a kickass girl who slays with her gameplay will always have my vote :). So yes, I’m looking forward to seeing more of our hero and can’t wait for all the amazingness that Love o2o will bring my way :D.









4 Comments Add yours

  1. I love this! Haha 🙂 Wei Wei is one of my favorite leads this year. Finally, a pretty, independent, AND smart young leady! We need more of her in Dramaland ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I completely agree. From the moment she first popped up on my screen, I fell in love, then I spent the next forty minutes wondering why I’m just discovering Love O2O. Hahahaha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Same! And this is my first CDrama too! Did not disappoint at all ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. This is actually my second Cdrama. My first was Love me if you dare and that too was amazing :).


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