Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Episode 1

Quick run-through:

A rapscallion prince and a girl playing at a being a boy; it’s a funny combination of lightness and heart and a ton of pretty. I mean, come on, have you see Park Bo Gum? Kim Yoo Jung? Jin Young? That’s a whole lot of pretty and mischief that just made the time fly.

Top 10 Moments:

  1. We meet Ra On, writer extraordinaire and love guru 

We open with Crown Prince Hyomyeong (who I will simply refer to by his less formal name: Lee Young) sneaking in some reading after he’s done being dressed in his royal finery. He gives a mischievous smile (*sigh*. Be still my heart. Park Bo Gum you cutie you!) and we see that his reading material is a tale of love. The writer of the love story is Ra On, who’s a love guru and who is at the moment giving one of her customers the trademark, absence makes the heart grow fonder advice to get the girl of his dreams to notice him. She advises the man to stay away from the woman for ten days and then make his reappearance. The woman ignores her suitor and makes to walk away when a falling branch has her suitor rushing to her rescue and pushing her out of harm’s way. The only thanks he gets though is a hard slap and when he declares that he will stay by her side to protect her, the woman finally breaks down and asks him where he’s been for the past ten days. She pulls him into a hug and the suitor glances up where Ra On’s hiding in the tree, machete in hand (hahaha. She cut down the branch) and proud of the couple she’s managed to bring together.

2. We meet Lee Young and he is a naughty, rapscallion of a prince

Over at the palace, Lee Young’s attendants are worried about their prince, and understandably so because the king is on his way to check on Lee Young and he’s brought along his ministers in tow. The king is surprised to find his son studying hard and Lee Young is the very picture of the studious prince, until an errant breeze sends his papers flying and the ministers get a face full of his study materials. Turns out that all his answers were scripted, even down to his responses and his laughter as well (hahaha). His father is understandably pissed and stalks off and Lee Young has a moment of contrition where he accuses his teacher of being responsible for his truant behavior. His teacher immediately apologizes and Lee Young busts into a smile and tells him that he was joking. He continues that the fault lies with the wind that had suddenly popped up out of nowhere and as he speaks, he makes a paper plane with one of his papers and sends it flying. His attendants and teacher are surprised as to what it is and Lee Young immediately names the sight as an airplane.

3. Lee Young’s the uber protective big brother who’s just begging for an ass-kicking when his sister learns the truth. 

Ra On gets a visitor: an old client who has her as an intermediary writer of his love notes to the woman he likes. Except, Ra On won’t be around for much longer and her suggestion is that he meet with the woman he likes. Her client agrees and then we hear him listing out the virtues and qualities of this paragon of beauty. The paragon of beauty turns out to be Lee Young’s sister: the Princess Myung Eun and Lee Young’s pissed at what he considers blatant lies to seduce his sister (hahahaha. Lee Young, didn’t anyone ever tell you that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder?). The maid who’s been the one delivering the letter (from the pickup location) is terrified, especially when Lee Young brings up the man’s suggestion that he and Myung Eun meet at a chosen location. The meeting will not happen but Lee Young brings up the what’s the best way to break this news to Myung Eun question. Telling her that she can’t go out wouldn’t work and if Lee Young’s brought into the situation, she would resent him (she would resent you even more if she suspects what you’re doing. Hehehe). When the maid suggests lying to Myung Eun about not having received the letter, Lee Young’s all up for it (she will skin you alive when she finds out Lee Young).

4. Lee Young can’t stay put, and that tale is well known (poor guy)

Whilst the eunuchs are complaining about the unfair treatment they get in the palace, one of the maids comes running in to give yet another depressing bit of news: Lee Young’s taken off his royal robes and gone into town. The news has the eunuchs wailing in a way that screams: not again! Lee Young it turns out is quite famous for sneaking out as he stumbles upon a play in the middle of the market where two players are enacting the lack of power the king has and how much of a truant his Crown Prince (Lee Young) is. Lee Young’s so upset that he shouts at them, but when he notices that he’s in the middle of a town square, surrounded by villagers who have no idea who he is and who can easily mob him for stepping out of line, he makes an excuse about Ra On’s playing and runs away (hehehehe. Run for your life little prince. Run).

5. The meet cute. Although it’s under false gay pretenses (hahahahaha)

Ra On meets with her client who suddenly gets cold feet and wants her to go meet with his beauty on his behalf. He stammers that his love is way beyond his station and when Ra On tries to object about going (her job’s to write the love poems, not go see the girl, pretending to be her paramour), her client offers her more than enough money. That settles it and Ra On goes to the meeting point. Except, it’s Lee Young that she sees and she naturally assumes that her client fell in love with a man (hahahahaha). Thinking of the money and her obligation to her client, she sets out to wooing Lee Young (hahahaha), and suggests that they spend the day together, free of everything that would frown on their love (this just keeps getting better). To that effect, Ra On takes him to get some food at an old granny who likes to curse at the customers not eating what she deems ‘expensive’ food. Ra On finds it hilarious but Lee Young who’s never been cursed at, or hit does not. He is not impressed either when Ra On declares that the woman once served at the royal kitchen and when the old woman marches up to them to point out the fact that they aren’t eating she gets a good look at his face, recognizes him as the Crown Prince (even though she doesn’t say it aloud) and then proceeds to slap herself in the face as she walks away. Unsuspecting Ra On of course, doesn’t notice. What she does notice though is the knife Lee Young pulls on her after they leave the restaurant as he calls her out on lying about being a nobleman and not recognizing the person she’s been writing her letters to. She tries to bluster her way through it and Lee Young demands that she lead him to her family.

6. Nothing bonds you to your future love like a trip down a dung pit (hahahahaha)

Ra On leads Lee Young to the hideout where the debt collectors she’s owing a ton of money had once hung her over a dung pit. She notices the dung pit (which is now covered) and tricks Lee Young into falling down the pit. Unfortunately for her, Lee Young doesn’t go down alone (hahaha) and drags her along with him. Soon, the two future lovebirds are stinking up the place (hahahaha) and trying to get out. Lee Young finally agrees to lift Ra On so she can get a hold of something to pull herself up, and then help him out, but he mutters that he will be sure to kill her when he gets out. Although he tries pretending like he didn’t say so, Ra On, heard him just right. And so when she gets out, she leaves him there and tells him that she will get someone to come release him in an hour (hahahaha). He pleads but she doesn’t budge and just informs him that should they run into each other again, she will willingly become his dog for the day (hahaha. Something tells me that she will run into him again).

7. Ra On meets our second lead: Yoon Sung the playboy

Away from Lee Young, Ra On comes across a set of wanted posters, done in the likeness of her client (the one who actually got the girl) and the girl he fell in love with. It turns out that the woman in question is actually the daughter-in-law of the household and not the daughter and so Ra On’s client not only stole (seduced) the daughter-in-law, but also implicated Ra On who is known to the household as the person who’d helped with the theft (seduction). Unfortunately, Ra On runs into the guards on patrol as they’re searching for the three ‘criminals’ and Yoon Sung who’s correctly guessed that she’s the person on the wanted posted at first teases her with getting discovered. But when he notices that the guards really are interested in seeing Ra On’s face, he comes to her rescue, swings his arms around her and leads her away from trouble (although I don’t know how safe she is considering the guy himself is trouble).

8. Lee Young’s father is a powerless king and his son knows it

Prime Minister Kim meets with the king to inform him about some thieving citizens who he believes should be executed for the crime. The king at first agrees to this but then realizes that the prime minister hadn’t even waited for him to come to that decision. Instead, he had gone right ahead to have the citizens executed. The king believes that the prime minister should have been more lenient but the prime minister calls him weak (huh, dude. He’s the king. You answer to him!) and states that if the king lets the matter slide, he would open himself up for the rest of the citizens to think they can steal food because they’re hungry. Soon they will storm the palace, just like they did ten years prior. Sure enough, the king flashes back to the threat to his life that the palace storm had brought with it and the prime minister knowingly states that he’s sure that the king’s still suffering from insomnia. Outside the room, Lee Young looks pissed at conversation he’s just overhead; so pissed as a matter of fact, that he doesn’t go in to see his father like he’d planned to.

9. Ra On fakes her way into being an eunuch (and she does it brilliantly too)

After Ra On parts ways with Yoon Sung, she’s kidnapped by her debtors who trade her off into being an eunuch so as to sell off her debt. Thinking fast on her feet, she tricks the knife master into being so drunk that when he wakes up the next morning and sees blood all over the room, he assumes he’d accidentally killed Ra On. Luckily for him, he spots Ra On, in pain, but still alive. After seeing the blood on the sheets, he naturally assumes that she’s still suffering from residual bleeding from the castration (wince). Turns out the blood is totally real: Ra On really is bleeding, but from an injury she’d inflicted on her thigh to fool the knife master. When she has her time alone, she heads off to take a bath and finally lets down her hair (literarily). As she bathes, she flashes back to when she was a kid and her mother had found her dressed in a hanbok and applying cosmetics. Her mother had slapped her hard, reminded her that she has to live like a boy and commanded her to take off the hanbok. Now back to the present, as Ra On binds her breast so she can return to her disguise, she remembers her adopted father telling her that he would be happy if she doesn’t return and she gives a sad smile as she declares that the man must be happy now that he thinks she ran away.

10. They meet again: puppy and prince (I so totally saw that coming)

Ra On is led into the palace, alongside the new eunuch recruits. She’s clearly terrified, and even bumps into a swordsman who just stares at her and then continues on his way. Later that night, Ra On is having trouble sleeping as she remembers what the knife master had told her: a grueling training will commence but only after the guards have done a thorough examination to ascertain that the castration was well done. She finally slips out and tries to make her escape, and she’s almost at the gate when she runs into someone. The someone it turns out is Lee Young and as both of them flash back to Ra On’s words to him after she’d left him in the dung pit. Ra On cringes whilst Lee Young smirks, tells her that they meet again and calls her puppy (hahahaha. You’re so screwed Ra On).

Character I wanted to bitchslap:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNo one in this episode.





Headache inducing moment:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNone in this episode.





Alcohol Rep:


This episode’s a Pimm’s Royale: fruity goodness with a celebratory twist. Oh how I love just how light and fun and fresh Moonlight is. It’s the perfect contrast to Scarlet’s dark streak and is filled with wonderful characters who don’t take themselves too seriously, until we see those flashes of pain, and strength and maturity and you realize these young people have so much depth and it will be an amazing 18 episodes to learn all about them. I love the rapscallion prince with a hidden core and the girl who’s smart enough to hide her gender (understandable when you consider that Lee Young just might be as pretty as she is. Hmmm Park Bo Gum), even as she focuses on surviving and keeping her wits around her. I can’t wait to see these two grow together, even as they get into crazy situations together. Because, what can I say, something about that dung pit just has me thinking that these two are destined to last ;).
















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