W Episode 12

Quick run-through:

This episode takes us into the big leagues and we get our introduction to Chul 2.0. He’s stronger, he’s faster, he’s more mature and he’s more intelligent; a brilliant combination that has us all screaming for more and hanging on to the show that continues to defy our expectations, and has us addicted to every single second.

Top 10 Moments:

  1. Chul and Yeon Joo take a cross dimensional trip (seriously, “W” continues to mess with our heads. Big time)

We pick up with Chul asking Yeon Joo if Kang Chul and Yeon Joo have a happy ending together. Yeon Joo’s shocked and doesn’t say anything and out of the blues, a portal opens up (okay. So does this mean that every time Chul figures out that he’s basically a character in a webtoon, the portal opens and he can travel to Yeon Joo’s world? Why didn’t this portal open the first time when he read the comic and realized who he really is?). Yeon Joo is shocked but Chul is amazingly calm (maybe this isn’t the first time it’s happening?). He takes Yeon Joo’s hand, tells her that they will find out together and then steps into the portal and they reappear in Yeon Joo’s world, right beside Seong Moo’s screen, which is now turned on. He gives a soft smile and states that this must be her father’s studio. Yeon Joo sadly tells him that she didn’t mean to bring the comic along with her. She’d wanted to keep him in the dark so he would have a chance at a happy ending. Chul gives a sweet little smile at the words (awwwww).

2. Chul’s still gallant and romantic. Although he doesn’t feel anything for Yeon Joo (yet!)

Whilst Soo Bong tries to get Seok Bum to wait with him until Yeon Joo returns, Chul’s at the moment with Yeon Joo who he asks to let him meet Seong Moo. At Yeon Joo’s worried expression, he smiles and tries to calm her down by stating that he won’t be making the same mistake twice: so, he won’t shoot Seong Moo. Yeon Joo explains that it wasn’t Seong Moo that had drawn the frame-up and then she opens the door where she’s locked in Seong Moo. Chul is surprised to see faceless Seong Moo and wonders what happened. Yeon Joo can’t give an answer but then she’s hit by a wave of fatigue that has Chul sweeping her in his arms (*swoon*). He carries her out of the room just as Seok Bum and Soo Bong enter the house. Soo Bong immediately runs to hide behind Seok Bum, unable to believe that he’s seeing Chul in the flesh, whilst Chul reaches out to Seok Bum to help with Yeon Joo. He puts Yeon Joo in Seok Bum’s car and she explains that she just needs to rest because the one month fast-forward in “W” took its toll on her body. She also asks if Chul remembers her now and Chul replies that he doesn’t. He’s merely acting the way he thinks the other Kang Chul would have. But seeing that she’s still the same person, he’s sure he will soon appreciate her charms (awwww. That’s sweet). He then sends off Yeon Joo, whilst he remains to “resolve a situation”.

3. Soo Bong gets his fanboy wish granted (I so know that should Professor Park ever find out, he will be screaming with envy. Hehehehe)

Back in the house, Chul meets with a flustered Soo Bong who explains that they’ve met before. He references their garden meeting when Chul had been holding a gun and Chul apologizes. Soo Bong grumbles that an “I’m sorry” won’t do but Chul points out that that’s the best he can do because he only knows things that were recorded in the book (awwww. Poor Soo Bong. His interaction with Chul wasn’t recorded). Chul then asks for Soo Bong’s shoes (he came to the real world, shoeless), and a screwdriver (to take apart Seong Moo’s monitor so the killer won’t be able to use it as a portal anymore). As Chul dissembles the computer, Soo Bong fills him in on what happened: he’d gone out to get snacks and come back in to meet a faceless Seong Moo. Even worse, Sang Hoon was giving instructions to Seong Moo who was drawing everything like a mindless drone, even down to the recording and the gun. He then takes a moment to ask for a handshake (awwww. So cute), telling Chul that he’s a big fan but hadn’t been able to have a proper meeting during their garden interaction. Chul smiles and shakes Soo Bong’s hand and Soo Bong squeals internally, then launches into a speech about how he’s been the one drawing “W”‘s background for years. Chul smiles and then asks for some water and whilst Soo Bong heads out to get it, Chul successfully dissembles the screen and the portal in his hideout disappears (perfect). When Soo Bong shows up with the water, he asks for where he can see the rest of the story that he’s missed (so he can have an idea of what’s happening). Soo Bong gets him the comics and also hands him the flash drive with the letter he’d sent Seong Moo. He even shows him the storyboard with the plan they’d come up with to catch the killer and Chul spends his time reading them all.

4. Sang Hoon’s a psychopath. But is he a smart one or a delusional one?

Chul heads to Seong Moo’s room and looks at the still unconscious Seong Moo, asking how Seong Moo can think of himself as a creator. He thinks back to the comics and wonders why his other self had been so angry. Now he looks at Seong Moo with pity as he concludes that Seong Moo as well, is nothing. He then heads back to Seong Moo’s office and reassembles the computer (wait. Is this a good idea?), then turns it back on. We cut to “W” where Sang Hoon’s pissed at the way everything around him is frozen. But he senses when the computer gets turned on and asks who it is. Chul taunts him to guess and then continues taunting him by pointing out that Sang Hoon who likes to kill is now in a world where he can’t kill anyone. He continues that he’s closed the portal, thus sealing Sang Hoon from being able to leave “W” and suggests that Sang Hoon should just kill himself as that would be better than living in a world where everything but him is frozen. Sang Hoon though smirks as he points out that he doesn’t need to die when he can just wait until Chul disappears because Chul is no longer the main character, but merely a fugitive who’s on the run. Sang Hoon figures that with Chul out of commission, the world would continue as it is (wait what? Does this idiot even consider the fact that the webtoon world might also cease to exist if the protagonist disappears?) As he speaks we pan to Chul who looks horrified to find his arm changing into a cartoon drawing, disappearing completely and then returning back to normal (oh crap).

5. Chul takes to Yeon Joo’s world like a fish, a chaebol fish (hehehehe)

Yeon Joo finally wakes up and finds herself at home (the one she shares with her mother). She’s sad as she wonders if she dreamt about Chul coming into her world and at that moment gets a call from an unknown number. Turns out that Chul’s the one calling. From the real world, not the webtoon. A point he makes sure to point out to Yeon Joo (hehehehe). Yeon Joo’s surprised and Chul tells her that in the two days she’s been asleep, he’s acclimatized to her world. So much so that he’s gotten himself a mobile phone and now wants to take her out on a date. Yeon Joo’s surprised and Chul explains that he’s spent the time reading and so agrees that he’s most likely her husband. However, he doesn’t feel like it, and so wants to use the chance to know her better. Yeon Joo brings up the fact that she wants to see her dad and Chul pipes in that he wants to talk about somethings with regards her father too. Yeon Joo goes silent and Chul takes that to mean a yes. He hangs up and Yeon Joo calls him back to confirm that it really is his number (so cute) and to ask where he got the money from. Turns out he borrowed a thousand dollars from Soo Bong and he wants her to repay it on his behalf. Yeon Joo grumbles about her carrying his debt and Chul points out that he’d bought her clothes and ice-cream even back when he’d been penniless (hehehe. True). She ends the call, then calls him a third time to ask what time he would arrive and to beg him to give her more time to get ready. After her call to Chul, she calls Soo Bong who confirms that he did give Chul money. Yeon Joo thanks him and offers to pay back but Soo Bong figures that Chul would pay him back eventually. Besides, there’s no way Yeon Joo can afford to sort out Chul’s bills, because Chul spends money like a Chaebol (hahaha). He also brings up his worry about Chul whose hand had disappeared just before Soo Bong had handed him money. Chul had brushed it off, explaining that it’s happening because he’s not at the moment, acting like the story’s protagonist and so Soo Bong shouldn’t mention it to Yeon Joo. Soo Bong, having realized his oops moment begs Yeon Joo not to let Chul know that he’s spilled the beans. And so when Chul shows up at her house, way earlier than he should have, Yeon Joo doesn’t say anything. Although, she is relieved to see that his arm is back to normal. She is soon shocked however when Chul asks her to flash him, stating that he’s just as upset as her that he doesn’t remember anything. And so, he wants them to shed the clothes and kiss five times, to help with the process (hahahaha. Cheeky minx). Yeon Joo scoffs and heads to the bathroom and Chul wanders into her room where he sees the cut outs she placed on the wall of their time together. When Yeon Joo joins him, he thanks her for missing and remembering him (awwwww. The feels). Yeon Joo’s touched, but then she notices her underwear on her bed and panics as she tries to cover it up. Chul though has seen it all and he teases her by pointing out that her neat freak husband wouldn’t have married her so quickly if he’d known she was so untidy. Yeon Joo though points out that it’s all his fault as she’s been distracted at the possibility of his death.

6. The new and improved Chul kicks ass (big time)

On their way to the venue for their date, Chul explains that he read the rest of the comic and realized that Yeon Joo and Chul (the other Chul) rushed things too quickly with the marriage and all. Although he understands that the circumstances they were in warranted it, he would rather go slow this time around and date first (awwww. I’m so loving more mature Chul). Yeon Joo agrees and Chul asks when they can get to the kissing (hehehe. Someone’s moving faster than he’s claiming he wants to). Yeon Joo figures he’s joking but Chul points out that he had been joking about her stripping. But he’s serious about kissing her. A dazed Yeon Joo can only look at him and Chul tells her not to bother if it would be awkward for her. Yeon Joo pipes up that it wouldn’t be awkward. He asks if he can kiss her then and Yeon Joo barely gets the “Yes” out when Chul immediately leans over and kisses her (damn. Boy’s fast). When he pulls away from the kiss, he looks at her intently for a while and then smiles as he states that so that’s how it is. He gets it know (hmmm. What do you get? What do you feel? Tell us). Of course when Yeon Joo asks him what he means, he tells her no comment (Chul! Come on. Tell us. We want to know).

7. Chul comes up with Plan “B” (or maybe we should call it Plan Chul)

Chul spends the lunch hiding his flickering hand from view. Yeon Joo however is completely distracted by it as she remembers what Soo Bong had told her. She finally brings it up and Chul raises his hand to show her its disappearing act, and admits that it has been happening ever since Hyeon Seok died a month prior. Yeon Joo’s shocked and saddened and Chul explains that whilst she was asleep, he’d spoken to both Sang Hoon and Seong Moo as he wanted to know the real Seong Moo. Turns out that back when Seong Moo had been dragged into “W” and had stabbed Chul, his escape had been foiled by the faceless killer (before he got the identity Sang Hoon) and faceless had learned about his existence and extracted a promise from Seong Moo that Seong Moo would make him the protagonist of the story. However, Seong Moo hadn’t kept his promise which Sang Hoon claims as the reason why he ‘ate’ him (creepy). This is why the making it all a dream plan didn’t work out. Because whilst Chul had forgotten everything, Sang Hoon who was still aware of who he is wasn’t affected. And so, to solve everything, Chul wants Yeon Joo to draw something for him. Yeon Joo immediately objects, stating that she can’t afford for Chul to ask for everything to be a dream again whilst she’s the one left with the memories (girl, your priorities desperately need to be realigned). Chul though replies that he doesn’t want her to make it all a dream. Matter of fact, he wants the story to go the way he and Seong Moo had initially planned it: for Sang Hoon to die and for Cheol Ho to be the one to kill him, as that’s the only way he and Seong Moo can survive. There is one thing he wants to change with regards Seong Moo’s ending though: he wants Chul and Yeon Joo to marry and live happily ever after (you and me both Chul. You and me both!), and he doesn’t care if the readers hate it (hahahaha). Yeon Joo heads home to see unconscious Seong Moo. As she looks at her father, she remembers Chul telling her that he doesn’t think Seong Moo’s the creator. It’s the reason why the only people he can control are the characters he made. Instead, the world of “W” and Yeon Joo’s world are two separate worlds that are connected by the webtoon (I so like that thought).

8. New and improved Chul decides it’s time to take the initiative (seriously, I loved old Chul but new Chul I worship. What a badass)

Working with that, Chul flashes back to when he’d requested for a picture and the address of the apartment where Sang Hoon’s currently living. Because no mention of his address had been made in the webtoon, Sang Hoon’s been able to avoid the cops. Now though, Chul drives to the address (in Yeon Joo’s world) and explains that other than a couple of characters and addresses, the webtoon and the real world share a lot of things in common and because the variables have always been in play, Yeon Joo was able to be dragged into the world of “W” by any self aware character. Now though, it’s time for them to make the variables work for them and take charge of the situation (you go Chul! I believe in you). And so, he heads to Sang Hoon’s address (the one in Yeon Joo’s world) and makes his way to the man’s door. He texts Yeon Joo that she should give him ten minutes, after which she should turn the monitor back on, and then thinks to himself that he’s a webtoon character in the main world, and since he’s capable of pulling in a person from the real world into the webtoon world, then he can summon himself into the webtoon (damn. That’s some matrix level shit right there and then). And with that, he tells himself that he summons himself. Immediately lights flicker and he morphs into a webtoon character, gains solidity and then it’s night time and he’s in the world of the webtoon (well I’ll be damned. Now that’s a badassery to kick all other badassery in the butt).

9. Chul proves his genius and badassery (seriously. Seong Moo did right by giving him brains and guts)

Chul’s entrance into “W” has the world unfreezing but before Sang Hoon can react, Chul comes barging in and the first thing he does is kick away Sang Hoon’s gun. Soon the two men are engaged in a hand to hand combat which proves that Sang Hoon’s quite the capable fighter. So much so that he’s even able to kick away Chul’s gun. But Chul persists and wears him down and after he knocks Sang Hoon unconscious, he calls the cops to report that he’s caught the killer responsible for the shooting at the “W” station. He gives them Sang Hoon’s name and address and when he’s asked to identity himself, he simply tells them that he’s a concerned citizen. With the call ended, he turns to Sang Hoon who’s regained consciousness, but tied down and tells him that he’s looking forward to which one of them would die first. He believes it won’t be him though because he’s been able to fulfill a core task of the protagonist, i.e. capturing the killer and so he knows he won’t be disappearing any time soon. He then advises Sang Hoon to rot for a while in the detention center until he (Chul) figures out a way to kill him. Sang Hoon calls him scum and Chul smiles, then walks away (badass. Badass. Badass). He gets outside where he finds the car Yeon Joo’s drawn for him (following his instructions to her of course) and drives off, just as the cops drive in and capture Seong Moo. The news reaches So Hee who immediately calls Do Yoon to tell him that she believes that Chul’s the one who caught the killer. Do Yoon doesn’t believe it though. Meanwhile, Chul gets back to his hideout and is pleased when he turns on telly and hears news of Seong Moo’s capture. Next, Yeon Joo draws Chul’s decomposing body and Chul drops a letter on the body and leaves. He then calls Do Yoon and confirms that he is the one who captured Seong Moo. However, he wants Do Yoon to go to his hideout and report his decaying body to the police so everyone, including So Hee would all believe that he’s dead. We then flash back to Yeon Joo asking about what will happen to So Hee and Chul explains that he would work on changing her variable and getting rid of her set-up, so she can be free. And so, So Hee gets the call informing her about Chul’s death.

10. All hail the amazingness that’s Chul 2.0; blowing away all our expectations and setting new standards for the quick thinking hero

Next thing on the agenda is Chul’s return and although Yeon Joo’s worried about how he would pull it off, Chul tells her not to worry. Instead, what he wants is for her to draw him his wedding ring, because he can’t afford one in her world (awwww. That’s so cute and romantic). And sure enough, when the ring appears on his finger, he’s all smiles when he examines it. He then returns to the door leading to Sang Hoon’s apartment and tells himself that he was summoned into the webtoon world from the real world, and now that he’s completed it, he returns. Immediately, the “To be continued” chyron pops up and Chul smirks (Dude, I’m right here smirking alongside you). He then flickers into a cartoon drawing, then back to reality and just like that, he’s back in Yeon Joo’s world. A nail biting Yeon Joo then gets a call from Chul’s phone and is relieved to hear Chul’s voice, and that he’s back and on his way to see her. He’s all up for them continuing their date and him getting his five kisses. Apparently, he can’t stand the thought of losing to her ex-husband. Yeon Joo’s scoffs at how competitive he’s being (seriously, he’s worse than Cha Do Hyun and Shin Se Gi trying to get the girl. Hehehe) and Chul tells her that he intends to get her to see that he’s way better (sweetheart, you kick everyone else out of the ball park).

Character I wanted to bitchslap:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNo one in this episode.





Headache inducing moment:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNone in this episode.





Alcohol Rep:

Source: buzzfeed.com

This episode’s a Kombucha Moscow Mules; a celebration of the new and improved and oh so better Kang Chul. I mean, come on! Old Chul was amazing but this Chul is mindblowingly awesome. There are not enough adjectives to appropriately convey just how amazing I think he is. Song Jae Jung (the writer) has always written heroes who’ve stepped up to the plate and used their brains to get the most out of their situation and rise above it (Queen InHyun’s man and Nine: Nine Times Travel) but Chul 2.0 is rapidly rising to the top for me and that is saying a lot because I adored Boong Do (Queen InHyun’s man). I love how quick thinking he is and how he refuses to accept that he’s a pawn who just has to accept his fate. I love how he was able to see Seong Moo as nothing but a puppet and it’s interesting how he is so disconnected from the previous Chul, and so much more mature that he can actually see the big picture and be patient enough before rushing into things. The old Chul now looks like a teenager playing at a thirty year old, whilst this Chul looks like the Chul who’s survived everything life has thrown at him and is way older in spirit even with that baby soft looking skin. Which is why I appreciate the whole, drawing a dead Chul situation because in a way, the Chul that “W” knows, the Chul that Yeon Joo had married, the Chul that the killer has so far been able to one-up isn’t the Chul that we’re seeing now. No, that Chul is dead and gone (poor guy). The one thing that worries me though is that this is just episode 12, which means there’s still 4 more episodes to go. I’m having Mirror of the Witch flashbacks and bracing myself for the baddies being able to strike back (because something tells me that they would). But even as I worry, I rest easy with the reassurance that this Chul would have it all handled. I mean, come on, have you seen the guy?





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