W Episode 11

Quick run-through:

This episode’s a classic “W”. We’re thrown yet another curveball that has us realizing that no one is truly safe in the world of “W”. Yeon Joo comes to Chul’s rescue although it puts her in Sang Hoon’s path. Chul learns way more that Yeon Joo bargained for but there’s a moment of sweet romance that makes it all worthwhile.

Top 10 Moments:

  1. Yeon Joo returns to a reality where nothing’s the way she left it (poor girl)

Yeon Joo returns to her world and grabs herself some medical suppliers, then heads to her father’s house. Except, she’s in for a rude shock when she gets there and finds a faceless and wrung out Seong Moo (drawing like crazy can do that to you). She doesn’t pull off a Soo Bong faint (which I would have totally done. I mean come on! A father without a face warrants a fainting) but screams and runs out. She then places a call to a scared Soo Bong who’s at the moment at Myungsei, hoping to catch Yeon Joo. Soo Bong fills her in on Seong Moo’s possessed drawing and Yeon Joo wonders if the killer was the one pulling the strings. Soo Bong has no idea and Yeon Joo wails about needing to know what to do with Seong Moo because things have gone to shit for Chul over in the world for “W” (wait, so girl, you’re not concerned about your dad? I mean, I love Chul as well, but gurl, your dad is missing a FACE!). Soo Bong doesn’t care at this point though as he screams that Yeon Joo should be more concerned for herself. After the call ends, Soo Bong jumps when Seok Bum touches his shoulders and he admits that he’s terrified, even as he tells Seok Bum that they should head in because he’s terrified. Yeon Joo meanwhile sneaks into Seong Moo’s office as she tries to quietly grab his computer. Except, she makes a sound and a faceless Seong Moo immediately whirls around to face her. Yeon Joo screams and the next thing we see, we’re outside the room whilst all we can hear are sounds of a struggle and Yeon Joo screaming (please be alright. Please be alright).

2. Yeon Joo comes to the rescue (damn it t pays to have the love of your life doing clean-up for you)

Over in Chul’s world, the search is on with a very angry police force searching hard for Chul. So Hee and Do Yoon are at Chul’s apartment and can’t do anything to stop the cops who are pissed that Chul’s managed to deceive them for so long. When they hear news about Chul’s car having been spotted, they head out and soon locate the hotel where a bleeding Chul’s at. Chul hears them approaching and pulls out his gun, waiting to get busted. Except, just as the cops move towards his room, Chul’s room door disappears (whoa). Even the drops of blood also disappears, as does the CCTV camera in the elevator that had caught Chul as he and Yeon Joo rode up to his room. We then cut to Yeon Joo’s world where we see her, hard at work, and cleaning up the mess that the killer and Seong Moo made, all the whilst Seong Moo’s locked out of the room and trying to barge in. Thankfully, the door holds and Yeon Joo’s able to change Chul’s car colour and license plates. So when the cops check the hotel’s parking lot, Chul’s new car colour and plate number doesn’t catch their attention. Next up, Yeon Joo draws the medical supplies for Chul and when a barely conscious Chul calls for Yeon Joo, asking where she’s at, his alarm rings; bringing his attention to the medical supplies and a note from Yeon Joo (and amazingly enough, she’s writing it as he’s reading it. Talk about awesome!) telling him to wake up and treat himself as she can’t be with him at the moment.

3. Yeon Joo receives an unexpected visitor (Sang Hoon just keeps scaring the fuck out of me)

Yeon Joo’s letter writing is interrupted when Seong Moo’s screen glows and Sang Hoon wonders who is hard at work. He guesses it’s Yeon Joo and demands to know how she’d gotten out of “W”. Yeon Joo’s horrified at the conversation and even more so when Sang Hoon’s hand pops out of the screen (how the hell is he doing that?) and he starts to strangle her. With Seong Moo outside the door, still banging to be let in and Sang Hoon attempting to strangle her to death, Yeon Joo struggles to free herself and when she can’t, she reaches out and switches off the screen. Immediately, Sang Hoon’s hands pop back and he falls down, over in the world of “W”. Meanwhile, Seong Moo falls unconscious and wouldn’t awaken no matter how many times Yeon Joo calls his name.

4. Yeon Joo gets dragged into “W” yet again (poor girl)

Soo Bong finally comes running in with Seok Bum in tow and he heads straight to Seong Moo’s office where Yeon Joo informs him about the night’s happening and Seong Moo presently being locked in a room; a room that Seok Bum tries to gain access into. Thankfully though, the room is securely locked. Meanwhile, Soo Bong makes the connection that Seong Moo probably fell unconscious because the screen going off severed his connection with Sang Hoon. Yeon Joo then tells him of her plan to make everything a dream; a dream that goes as far back as Chul’s parents murder being something that Chul dreamed about. This would solve their problem as the killer wouldn’t even exist. The only problem though is the fact that Yeon Joo can’t switch on the screen for fear of coming in contact with Sang Hoon. As she says this, Seok Bum shows up, asking after Yeon Joo. Soo Bong points out that Yeon Joo is right beside him but by the time he turns to look at her, Yeon Joo’s disappeared (what the fuck?!!) and is at the moment in Cheol Ho’s office, eavesdropping on his conversation where he tells someone that they have to follow Yeon Joo to be led to Chul. He also believes that Chul should be shot dead as opposed to leaving it to the police and Yeon Joo tries to crawl out of the room without being seen. Unfortunately for her though, she isn’t able to escape unseen and so has to run away whilst Cheol Ho gives the instruction to his staff to chase after her. Thankfully Yeon Joo is able to escape and as she runs, she comes to the realization that it was Cheol Ho that had dragged her into the webtoon. Just like the last time she’d been dragged in (during the shootout), it had been Sang Hoon who had dragged her in. As she comes to the realization, Cheol Ho finally pieces it together that the woman in his office was Yeon Joo (uh-oh. This can’t be good).

5. The rumor in town? Kang Chul’s dead

Yeon Joo discovers that she’d been dragged back into the webtoon just two hours after she left Chul in the hotel room. Before she can set off though, time speeds up and then it’s a month later and Yeon Joo learns that the police still haven’t caught Chul yet. There is also the rumor that Chul is dead and Yeon Joo’s witness to how everyone now hates the thought of Chul. She runs to the hotel where he’d been hiding but can’t find him or his room anywhere. We then cut to Chul’s apartment where a sad So Hee pours herself and Do Yoon a glass of wine and declares forlornly that Chul must be dead. She figures that if he was alive, he wouldn’t be able to endure everything that’s been happening. But she’s also sad that Chul hadn’t spoken to her before killing himself. Do Yoon though doesn’t say anything although he does have the look in his eyes that scream that he’s hiding something.

6. Chul is very much alive (not like I doubted it for one moment :D). 

Do Yoon’s informed that Yeon Joo’s outside, waiting to see him. He meets with her and identifies her as the woman who’d been in the car with Chul when he’d made his escape; a woman that the cops have been searching all over for. Yeon Joo though is more concerned with whether or not Do Yoon has any news on Chul and if he’s still alive. She breaks down in tears, explaining that she hasn’t seen him since the escape and they ran out of medicine so she has no idea how he’s doing at the moment. Yeon Joo’s tears seem to do the magic as Do Yoon hands her an address to go to and states that he will give a call so she will be expected. As she heads to the elevator, he begs her to get Chul to turn himself in so he can get a reduced sentence (dude, they aren’t going to sentence him. They’re going to kill him!), and adds that he can’t help out Chul anymore. Yeon Joo immediately heads to the address and although she has to wait a while, Chul finally pulls up, wearing a baseball cap as a disguise (dude, not very effective, but I’m so relieved that you’re alright).

7. Too many strange things have Chul curious and worried (poor baby)

On their ride away from the meeting point, Chul fills Yeon Joo in on everything that happened. Thanks to the instructions she’d written in the note for him, he’d been able to give himself antibiotics, pull out the bullet and seal the wound. After his recovery, he’d walked out of the room but had been surprised to find that the door vanished after he stepped outside. He’d also been surprised to find his car colour changed, as well as his license plates. When he got to one of his hideouts, he’d turned on the news to catch up on the man hunt for himself and had been stunned to find his arm flickering (wait what?! What the hell is happening? Shit). His arm flickers again in present time, although Chul drops his arm so Yeon Joo doesn’t see it. When he becomes solid again, he brings up the fact that Yeon Joo had promised to come with a solution. However, she showed up with no solution in sight leaving him to point out that she’d raised his hopes unnecessarily. Chul continues that he’d wondered why she had been so sure if he was innocent and had thought her a secret agent, or someone who knows the killer, or maybe the killer’s daughter (wait what? Hmmmm. Interesting choice of words). He smiles as he says this and so Yeon Joo doesn’t read anything into it.

8. Chul’s acting really suspicious (like old Chul, which is strange because his memory hasn’t returned yet. Or has it?)

Chul takes Yeon Joo to the market, determined to buy her food. When they get there though, he decides to add in some clothes as well. Except, because he’s on the run, he doesn’t have access to his money and although he could have bought her a three thousand dollars dress (interesting figure. Especially because that’s the price of the first dress he’d ever bought her), he can only afford to get her the simple five dollars dress. Yeon Joo’s surprised but goes to pay for the dress. She’s even more surprised when Chul meets her shortly after with ice-cream cones in hand. He then has them sit and eat some ice-cream and a frustrated Yeon Joo points out that Chul should be focused on clearing his name and not engaging in such frivolities. Chul though has spent one month trying to do just that but nothing he can think of would work. Thus he’s come to the conclusion that he has two options: wait to be captured or turn himself in. Either way, he would be going to jail for a long long time. And that has him realizing that it might just be his fate not to have a happy ending. With that said, he moves the conversation to something easier and suggests that they go grocery shopping together.

9. Chul doesn’t remember. Although he knows everything now


Back at home, Chul offers to cook for Yeon Joo. Yeon Joo’s surprised at the offer and blurts out the fact that Chul can’t cook. Chul smiles as he asks how she knows that, but then admits it and adds that he’d taught himself how to, via the internet. He suggests that Yeon Joo go wash-up and then mutters to himself that they’ve already done four tasks. The use of the word ‘tasks’ has Yeon Joo flashing back to back when she and Chul were newly married and she’d picked out the things she wanted to do with her ‘husband’: all things that Chul had done with her that day. She brings up the word and Chul reminds her that she’d said her husband disappeared after having only been able to do four tasks. Yeon Joo points out that she never said her husband did four ‘tasks’ and Chul admits to having read it. Yeon Joo wonders where he read it and he brings out a copy of “W” (shit. Fuck. I wasn’t expecting that). It turns out that Yeon Joo had accidentally brought along the copy of “W” with her into Chul’s world and had forgotten all about it in the hospital, during the shooting fallout. The doctor who had seen it had passed it along to Do Yoon who had then passed it to Chul, who’d read the whole thing.

10. Chul asks the million dollar question that every “W” fan wants an answer to: what will happen to Chul and Yeon Joo

Chul explains to Yeon Joo that in the one month that he’s been on the run, he’s read the comic over and over again and although he hadn’t been interested at first, he’d gotten drawn in and had read it all in earnest (and by read it all, he means read it all. From Yeon Joo saving him, to her kissing him, to him kissing her, to him confronting Seong Moo and finally to him killing himself). He admits to Yeon Joo that he’d felt sorry for the Chul in the story even as he’d realized that Chul like him, was foolish. It was why he had waited for Yeon Joo rather than turning himself in: he wanted to know what happened with Yeon Joo and Chul, and if Yeon Joo’s disappearing husband is him.

Character I wanted to bitchslap:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNo one in this episode.





Headache inducing moment:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNone in this episode.





Alcohol Rep:

Source: seriouseats.com

This episode’s a Sidecar; warm and mellow and perfect in slow sips so you miss nothing and thus you can savour the amazingness of all the twists and turns writer Song Jae Jung throws our way. Seriously though, everything is perfection in this episode and no matter how much I detest Sang Hoon and I hope that the drama kicks him out soon, I find it very satisfying that Jae Jung’s written the story so well that it’s only logical that now, it’s Chul that’s standing the risk of fading out of existence. “W” is being taken over by Sang Hoon which means that the webtoon doesn’t need its old protagonist anymore because the villain is now the driving force of the story and as much as the thought of Chul no longer existing pains me, I love that Jae Jung is willing to go there. Our main characters now have to deal, not only with a villain but the story itself and the possibility of it kicking Chul out of existence. The good thing about it though is the fact that Chul can just as well use his willpower, hopefully to give himself enough power to keep himself in the story or at least buy enough time to balance the equation because other than Chul going out of existence, there’s also the chance that Yeon Joo might suffer that fate as well because no Chul means there’s no space for Chul’s wife, and if she doesn’t return to her world early enough before she disappears, well, that’s a bye-bye Yeon Joo that no one is ready for.




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