Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 2

Quick run-through:

Turns out that even coming from the 21st century doesn’t necessarily make you as smart as you should be. So’s parents won’t be winning any parents of the year awards, not like they care. So continues to get hurt (physically and emotionally); we continue to learn more about the princes and this episode has me thinking that Moo might face an assassination attempt in every episode (poor Moo).

Top 10 Moments:

  1. So is so far away from being a people person, he should have his own area code

The dreamy and romantic (for me anyway) horse ride quickly comes to a stop and So stays true to his jackass self by tossing Hae Soo off his horse (hahahahaha. That’s gotta hurt but I still can’t stop laughing) with a smirk. Hae Soo’s outraged and points out how rude So is, especially with the way he’s acting like his horse is more important that a person. So doesn’t wait for the rest of the lecture and instead terrifies her some more by raising his horse like the hooves are about to stampede her into the ground (hahaha. How juvenile). He then races off leaving Hae Soo who’s still pissed at the treatment. One of the market women points out that it’s typical behavior for the fourth prince and this has Hae Soo more frustrated as she grumbles and asks just how many sons Taejo has (girl, he has a whole lot). Her frustrations have to take the back burner though when Chae Ryung comes running in to inform her that Yeon Hwa’s been looking for Hae Soo.

2. Hae Soo gives Eun a much needed beating (hahahaha. What a prince)

Back at the palace, the princes are joined by Yeon Hwa as they wait for So to make his appearance. The younger princes are still terrified of their older brother and when So enters, the only people who smile are Yeon Hwa and Wook. Baek Ah manages to give him a greeting although he only gets a grunt in response and Yo snidely points out that So only communicates best with animals as opposed to people (what an ass). So gives a sarcastic ‘oh so that’s what you meant’ statement that has Yeon Hwa and Wook smiling yet again. Talk then moves to Wook and So practicing for the ritual together even as they grill So about living in Shinju (pssh! They probably assume that he’s been living a jolly good life and not that of a hostage). Their conversation is halted when the maids come in bearing refreshments and Hae Soo sneaks in behind them. So notices her as does Wook and although Eun’s convinced she was the one who had been spying on the princes at the royal pool, his tale isn’t believed and Hae Soo makes her escape. Still not convinced of her innocence, he heads outside, looking for her and happens upon a hole in the wall where he sees Chae Ryung getting dressed. Hae Soo sees the peeping tom prince and immediately demands that he apologize for the violation. Eun though is affronted that she will dare to talk to a prince like that and soon both he and Hae Soo are rolling around, and engaging in a cat fight so loud that the other princes and Yeon Hwa (sans So who can’t be bothered to rise from his nap. Love the guy) come running out to watch the entertainment (hehehehehe). Hae Soo gives Eun a thorough beating, complete with a head butt (hahahaha) and when she makes to slap him across the face as well, So grabs her hand, thus bringing the fight to a standstill whilst an angry Eun has to stalk off.

3. Hae Soo has a high sense of self-preservation (when she’s not beating up little princes or demanding apologies from scary ones)

Hae Soo runs after So to demand that he apologize for tossing her around like a bag and grabbing her like she’s a parcel. So’s intrigued, asking who she is that she thinks she can talk to him, a prince like that. Hae Soo doesn’t care though as she wonders if his apology rests on her turning out to be a princess as opposed to a servant girl (sweetie. That’s the time you currently live in. It’s unfortunate but true). So’s all up for apologizing, but promises that she will die should he apologize. He starts to give an apology but Hae Soo cuts him off and runs to hide behind Lady Hae (hahaha) and follows her far away from So (hahahaha). She then follows Lady Hae to a praying ground where she’d set up a mound of stones to pray to on behalf of Hae Soo who she thinks of as her own child because Hae Soo’s mother is dead. Hearing about her mother has Hae Soo dissolving into tears as she remembers the mother she’s left in the 21st century, and Lady Hae comforts her even as she tells her to be careful and think of her mother before she acts thoughtlessly.

4. Even tortured princes just want their mother’s love (even when said mothers are a nasty piece of work) 

Whilst Baek Ah, Won and Ji Mong tease Eun about getting beat up by a girl, even as Baek Ah implies that Hae Soo might have been so worked up because she likes him (yeah right), So shows up, intent on making it to his mother’s quarters. He’s all smiles (awww puppy. Why do I feel like you’re just about to face heartbreak) as he tells her that he’s seen his brothers and so came to pay his respects to her. Queen Yoo’s cold as she implies that she hasn’t been to see him yet because she just got news that he’s returned (liar!). She states that he doesn’t need to come see her anymore as she’s already put aside a gift for his ‘mother’. So’s hurt but he tries once again to reach out and wonders if Queen Yoo wants him out of her hair already, especially when he hasn’t been back for two years. Queen Yoo answers by bringing up his adopted mother who’s probably pining after him and when So brings up the fact that he’s more an hostage than a member of the Kang of Shinju’s household, Yo basically calls So overdramatic. So then tries offering his mother the hairpin he’d picked up at the marketplace for her, but Jung who’d also gotten Queen Yoo a hairpiece gives her his first and soon Queen Yoo’s crooning over the present whilst a hurt So rises and makes to leave. Yo stops him by pointing out that So’s acting so embarrassingly lowly for a prince. The words obviously hit a nerve but So doesn’t say anything and instead stalks out of the room. He doesn’t even say anything to his other brothers who had been eavesdropping, as he walks away. Back in the room, Queen Yoo gives Yo the instruction to get So to return back to Shinju after the ritual, even if it means calling in the army, and Jung brings up the rumors circulating that Queen Yoo had been the one to scar So’s face. Yo though shoots down the words.

5. Hae Soo finally fulfills her meet ALL the princes in the bathhouse goals

After the humiliating meeting with his mother, Ji Mong sends So off to the bathhouse to get a relaxing shower. Whilst there, he finally takes off his mask and his clothes (well hello there gorgeous) and we see the tiny cuts and scars he has all over his body. We also see the scar on his face (which doesn’t look so bad from here) and so does Hae Soo who pops out from the water. Turns out that she’d headed back to the bathhouse with the hope that it would give her a clue about returning back to the 21st century. So is at first ashamed and covers his face. But then he lashes out as he demands to know if Hae Soo saw his scar. He then tells her not to breathe a word about it or she would die. With that said, he storms off but in his haste, drops the hairpin he’d gotten for his mother. Hae Soo notices the pin though and picks it up.

6. So’s adopted family is not much better than his real family

Hae Soo finally makes it back home and she’s presently surprised to learn that the family’s been worried sick for her. The sight has her sighing as she realizes that this now is her home now. Whilst Chae Ryung dries her up, Hae Soo brings up So and a terrified Chae Ryung tells her to avoid him at all costs. It turns out that not only is he the one prince that’s connected to both royal families (one by birth and the other by adoption), he’s also known to be very cruel. A flashback shows that his adopted family had sent him out to hunt wolves and had been unhappy when So survived the hunt. Chae Ryung also brings up the rumor that So kills everyone who sees his scar and Hae Soo’s horrified to realize that she came awfully close to death. But when Chae Ryung brings up the fact that the reason So is so free to travel at will is because people don’t want him around because of his scar, she scoffs to realize that even in this time, people are still judged based on their appearance.

7. Yo and Queen Yoo continue to plot Moo’s death

Whilst having her bath in preparation for the ritual, Queen Yoo flashes back to a conversation she had with Yo where they’d blamed the fact that Taejo might abdicate the throne on their rush to get rid of Moo. She considers the ritual an opportunistic time to get rid of Moo and Yo’s all smiles as he tells his mother not to worry as he would handle things.

8. Palace politics is sometimes fraught with tension and sometimes with fun (although I wish the fun would last for much longer)

The day of the ritual arrives and the two Queens: Yoo and Hwangbo show up dressed to the nines. Queen Yoo looks more glamorous and is all chatty as she tries to get Yeon Hwa to come visit her more often. When left alone with her mother, Yeon Hwa expresses her disapproval that her mother lives alone in the palace with someone like Queen Yoo (trust me dear, even I fear for your mother. Queen Yoo’s one scary ass bitch). As if to further emphasize just how crazy things will be, after a moment practicing with themselves, which dissolves into Jung and Eun having a brotherly tussle; an act that has So smiling so widely that even Wook notices (awwww. Puppy looks so happy when he smiles. I want him to smile more. Of course when he notices that Wook’s noticed him, the smile fades), some masked men show up and Yo takes particular interest in them (fucker probably intends to use them for the assassination attempt).

9. An assassination is foiled and So learns that his father’s no better than his mother (seriously dude, your parents suck)

So and Moo swap masks and so it’s So that steps out wearing the mask of the character Moo is meant to be playing during the ritual. The ritual’s goes underway and everything’s going splendidly until some assassins come flying in and join the party. The guards immediately work at guarding the king but the assassins have the floor and attack So who they believe is Moo. The other princes join in the fight and during the skirmish, Yo gives way and allows one of the assassins to cut So. With So thus opened, another assassin makes to strike him down but one of the princes intercepts the blow and knocks the man down. Immediately, the other assassins run away and both Yo and Wook give chase after them. Taejo meanwhile comes running out to the rescue of his precious Crown Prince and when he pulls away the mask, he’s surprised that it’s his fourth prince that’s beneath the mask. He then calls out for the Crown Prince and Moo takes off his mask to reveal himself: turns out that he was the one who had saved So. So though can only look at his father with devastation written all over his face (oh puppy) and when Ji Mong pipes up and asks if So is okay, Taejo finally looks down at the son he’d in the moment discarded in favour of Moo. So can only look back at his father with tears in his eyes and then tell him that he will catch the men. With that he runs off and although Moo considers heading off to help as well, Taejo holds him back.

10. Hae Soo’s stupidity rises to the occasion and leaves everything in shambles

All the whilst the drama’s going on in the palace, Hae Soo and Chae Ryung are outside in the city, celebrating with the people. In the midst of the celebration, she spots So who’s been chasing the assassins and then leaves Chae Ryung to run after him (and that ladies and gentlemen is the very definition of idiotically moronic). Whilst So engages in a fight with one of the masked men, Hae Soo stumbles upon Yo ordering the execution of the rest of the assassins. She’s horrified at the sight (girl, you shouldn’t be there in the first place!) and sneaks away. Unfortunately, she isn’t quiet enough and Yo hears the sound, although he doesn’t see her. In her haste to escape, she runs into So and the last of the masked men who was just about to turn himself in. Except, seeing moronic Hae Soo who didn’t even notice him at first, gives him the leverage he needs and before So can get to her, he holds a sword to her neck (Dude, you can knick her just  a bit. Maybe it would teach her a lesson and keeps her ass from entering dark woods). So feigns nonchalance and tells the assassin that he can either kill Hae Soo or So would kill her himself. The faking works and the assassin wavers. But moronic Hae Soo bites the assassin’s hand and the man raises his sword to strike at her. Before So can deflect the blow, a dagger comes flying and lodges itself in the middle of the man’s forehead. The man drops dead, courtesy of Wook and an angry So grabs Hae Soo and brings his sword to her throat as he snarls that it’s all her fault (I agree). Wook holds his sword out at So and demands that he let Hae Soo go. But So brings her closer to him and declares that he won’t.

Character I wanted to bitchslap:

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 1.49.20 PMBecause the only way I can respond to a moron who thinks it’s a good idea to go running into the woods, in the dark after an armed man is with a bitchslap. Like seriously, it’s like the girl left her brains behind in the 21st century. And to make matters worse, she got underfoot and gave the bad guys the chance they were looking for to get away. What the fuck!

Headache inducing moment:

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 1.50.49 PMBecause this is the moment when I knew everything was going to go to shit. Thanks for nothing Hae Soo!




Alcohol Rep:


This episode’s multiple shots of Patron. Why? Because with the idiocity that Hae Soo just displayed; an idiocity that means that So has lost a credible witness to proving that Yo and Queen Yoo are the ones responsible for the attempted murder, multiple shots of Patron are needed to put Hae Soo’s idiocity out of mind. At least for a little while. The shots are also relevant when you consider the kind of parents poor So has had the misfortune of being saddled with. A mother who used him as a pawn and then discarded him when she realized that he’s worth nothing to her; and a father whose primary concern is for his beloved Crown Prince whose life he considers more important that So’s. Parents like that will definitely drive anyone to drink. It further strengthens my desire for So to end up with the one person who wouldn’t be bogged down by society’s views of what’s preferred or acceptable, i.e. Hae Soo. Of course we have to wait for her to acquire some common sense first and all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope she acquires it early enough before the bloodshed really begins.







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