Doctors Episode 18

Quick run-through:

Myung Hoon’s still scheming although Ji Hong and Tae Ho are close to nabbing him. Seo Woo’s growing up, Hye Jung’s pissed enough to kill, Kang Soo’s all better and Yoon Do shows his fangs even as he shows Myung Hoon that there’s someone else on Hye Jung’s side.

Top 10 Moments:

  1. Karma’s a bitch especially because it doesn’t bring the satisfaction it should have brought

Turns out that after Ji Hong’s parents died, he’d been taken in by his uncle. This uncle had then decided to later on sell Ji Hong’s parents house without telling him about it. To make it worse, the man had kept the proceeds to himself, claiming that he deserves it because he’d taken care of Ji Hong all these years (what an ass). Karma ends up coming back to bite the uncle in the ass when Ji Hong’s an intern at the hospital. He runs into his uncle who’s aged considerably and who now has kidney problems. Ji Hong explains to us that he learned that it’s the world that’s at the center of karma and not him. This is the perspective with which he’s talking to Hye Jung, but Hye Jung’s not willing to listen and the two of them agree not to talk about it because neither of them can see where the other person is coming from.

2. Hye Jung gets someone else in her corner (hello there Yoon Do)

Whilst Myung Hoon’s sitting pretty on his plans to use a scandal to discredit Ji Hong (sonofabitch is probably planning on bringing up the lies of Ji Hong and Hye Jung’s supposed relationship. See what you did there Seo Woo? I hope this is the chance for everyone to see just how big a liar you were at age 15), and talking to Hye Jung who’s requested to see him about an unrelated topic, Yoon Do meets Pa Ran who explains about Mal Soon’s surgery hospital records and the fact that Hye Jung’s bothered about the situation. Yoon Do correctly guesses that it’s a malpractice issue and he asks Pa Ran who the operating surgeon was. He’s surprised to learn that it’s Myung Hoon and when Pa Ran warns him not to get involved in the matter because their family is close to the Jins (pfft. Dude, you probably still don’t know anything about your nephew), Yoon Do doesn’t say anything in reply. Instead, he heads over to Myung Hoon’s office and informs the man that he would like to take the director’s position. Myung Hoon’s thrilled as he informs Yoon Do that all he has to do is vote yes to his geriatric center (wait a minute, haven’t we been talking about this center for like the last 12 episodes? They should just vote so Myung Hoon can lose already). Yoon Do doesn’t say anything to him either (of course not. He’s getting the position so he can screw you over Myung Hoon you delusional idiot) but instead calls Hye Jung to request for a meeting when she’s in the hospital.

3. Tae Ho’s getting really close to the secret that will topple the Jins (I do hope there’s some jail term tossed in there somewhere).

Kang Soo’s surgery is thankfully a success, with his motor skills and eyesight fully functional. All that’s left is for him to take drugs and recover for a full term. The only problem with the situation though is that Kang Soo doesn’t have a place to stay and Ji Hong sets out to find Tae Ho (probably to talk about the situation). He is pleasantly surprised to find Tae Ho already waiting for him outside Ji Hong’s office but Tae Ho’s there to give disturbing news: he’d discovered that it had been Myung Hoon who’d leaked the fact that Chairman Hong has Kookil shares to the press, all so the press can eviscerate Chairman Hong in the media. Ji Hong’s surprised at how far Myung Hoon would go to get his way and Tae Ho brings up the fact that there had been talk about Myung Hoon’s retirement. He figures that the move hadn’t been voluntary and Ji Hong adds more fuel to the fire when he plays the CCTV video that shows that Sung Jong had visited Chairman Hong for twenty minutes after Chairman Hong’s surgery and the Chairman had gone into an arrest shortly after that. He figures that Chairman Hong must have had discovered something about Myung Hoon and Sung Jong and goes on to note that the onsite facilities of Kookil is managed by a company that Myung Hoon owns, which means it could just as easily be a case of embezzlement. Ji Hong’s curious if something like that could be a crucial weakness and Tae Ho promises to start digging from there (yes please Tae Ho. Dig well enough. I want those two in jail pronto).

4. Hye Jung might be book-smart and might have had some street-smarts at a time, but now she’s being foolish and reckless

Hye Jung pays a visit to Myung Hoon who is prepared enough to turn on his pen recorder before Hye Jung starts to speak. Hye Jung who’s unaware that everything she’s saying is being recorded admits that she’s learned that there’s no legal recourse she can pursue towards getting Myung Hoon to pay for what he’s done. And so, she’s decided to kill him. If she can’t kill him, she will torture him by constantly having him on his guard for fear of her discovering something with which she can use to trip him. Myung Hoon wonders if she’s threatening him and Hye Jung confirms that she is (girl has done lost her mind). She continues that she’s spilling the truth because she’s the kind of person who likes to be open about what she’s planning (sure. That way should Myung Hoon have some sort of accident, he can argue that you’re responsible because your ass has threatened his life. Girl, do you even know the gravity of what you’re doing right now?). With her threats suitably made, she storms off angry; she’s so angry that she doesn’t notice Ji Hong who keeps trying to get her attention and when Seo Woo who’s been subjected to the hospital workers gossiping behind her back about the favouritism that had gotten her off the hook, enters their joint office and asks Hye Jung why she had to speak with Myung Hoon, Hye Jung’s curt as she tells her that she wouldn’t be telling her anything. And considering that Myung Hoon also refused to tell Seo Woo anything when she’d come to meet him, Seo Woo it would seem, will continue to stay in the dark.

5. Myung Hoon adds blackmailer to his resume (and he has Hye Jung to thank for giving him the ammunition he needs)

Whilst Hye Jung’s having lunch with Yoon Do who gives her the good news: he’s now a director at Kookil and so can help her in achieving her goals, Myung Hoon meets with Ji Hong, who’s been meeting the board members so he can get his hospital welfare policy voted in, and plays him the recording he has of Hye Jung threatening his life. His suggestion is simple Ji Hong should give up being a doctor and involving himself in hospital matters and should just focus on his research, otherwise, Hye Jung’s career as a neurosurgeon will be over (man I hate his smirking, smug face). And Ji Hong, being the noble idiot with a heart of gold, doesn’t tell Hye Jung that when he runs into her. Instead, he’s all smiles as he states that he will now head the research center, although he won’t get to see as many clients again. Hye Jung’s suspicious that it has to do with Myung Hoon but Ji Hong still doesn’t say anything. Instead, he wonders if she’s still mad at him and when Hye Jung admits to it, he hugs her from the back and tells her that he’d worried that if he hadn’t come to see her, he would lose her. That’s enough to get the fight out of Hye Jung and she’s soon smiling as the two of them hang out together by the swings and she admits to missing Chairman Hong (I miss him too). Ji Hong teases her about still calling his dad Chairman Hong and a shy Hye Jung calls him “Father” (Awwww), although she makes sure to tease Ji Hong right back about him still calling Mal Soon, “Mrs. Kang”.

6. Tae Ho comes true for Kang Soo (awwww)

Post-surgery has Kang Soo’s younger brother understandably worried for Kang Soo and wondering what Kang Soo would do and where he would live now that Kang Soo has to take a term off to fully recover from his surgery. Kang Soo though is all smiles as he declares that everything would be okay. He even has his brother take back the savings book he was trying to give him. Thankfully though, by the time he gets back to his room, he runs into Tae Ho who offers him a paying position as the neurosurgery secretary for the time Kang Soo needs to recover, after which he can return and complete his residency (awwww. That’s so sweet).

7. Tae Ho and Ji Hong are much closer to finding the information they need to nail the Jins

Tae Ho meets with Ji Hong, surprised as to why Ji Hong would willingly give up his career as a doctor to become a researcher. Ji Hong however, doesn’t tell him anything but just states that it’s a temporary situation. The two friends then move on to talks of the slush fund and Tae Ho admits to having learned that the misappropriation of funds has been going on for years already and he’s sure that the amount in the slush fund would be astronomical. Unfortunately he has no idea yet where the money’s been going but he will work at figuring it out. He then brings up the board meeting and wonders if Ji Hong would be there. Ji Hong’s all up to attend seeing that he wants to physically be there in person when Myung Hoon’s geriatric center is vetoed (hahahaha. I so hope that that’s what happens). Unfortunately, the geriatric center passes and three weeks later, funds have been collected, Hye Jung’s back in Kookil (hello there Hye Jung) and Tae Ho informs Ji Hong of his findings. Turns out that the rents of hospital staff who have been living in the hospital facilities are not being sent to the hospital. Rather, Myung Hoon’s agency and ultimately, Myung Hoon have been pocketing the entire amount. Unfortunately, the information they have isn’t enough to nail the Jins and so Tae Ho and wonders exactly what it is that Chairman Hong and Sung Jong had argued about for twenty minutes. They then backtrack to try and figure out what it is that they’re missing and simultaneously realize that knowing Chairman Hong, he must have kept extra copies of the file detailing the Jins’ slush funds. The two of them then agree to search for those extra copies.

8. Yoon Do threatens Myung Hoon

Yoon Do meets with Myung Hoon who smiles even as he wonders why on earth Yoon Do would choose to be on the losing side and vote for Ji Hong’s welfare plans instead of Myung Hoon’s geriatrics center. Yoon Do apologizes, stating that he made the decision based on what he believes in, although he admits that he too likes to win. Which is why he then brings out documentation on Myung Hoon’s agency funds and points out the discrepancies in the documents. Myung Hoon’s aghast and Yoon Do warns him away from messing with Hye Jung (Yoon Do, you should meet with Ji Hong and Tae Ho. Something tells me that you three will have a lot to talk about).

9. Myung Hoon tries to get a rise out of Hye Jung but fails at it

Myung Hoon and Sung Jong run into Yoon Do and Hye Jung when the latter two are on their way out to lunch. The sight upsets Myung Hoon who grumbles about how annoying Yoon Do is being and he states that he would have kicked out Yoon Do if not for who his father is. Sung Jong points out how anxious Myung Hoon’s been of late and he wonders what’s chasing Myung Hoon. Turns out that it’s Hye Jung’s promise to be in the hospital and watch Myung Hoon fall apart that has been driving him nuts. Hye Jung soon joins him in his office and Myung Hoon smiles as he states his surprise that Hye Jung really did return to Kookil. Hye Jung replies that she keeps her promises, and Myung Hoon wonders why seeing that words are just that… words. Hye Jung replies that their values are different and Myung Hoon again wonders if she doesn’t feel upset working for someone with such differing values from hers. Hye Jung replies by telling him that back when she’d been in jail, Mal Soon had visited her with food. When Hye Jung had told her grandmother that she didn’t deserve to eat, Mal Soon had replied that everyone living deserves to eat. Hye Jung’s face then hardens as she tells Myung Hoon that she works hard for a living and whilst working, the only thing that matters to her is her values, and not his. Myung Hoon calls her rude and then tells her that she is the reason why Ji Hong went to the research center (asshole!). He continues that Hye Jung is in herself, a stumbling block for Ji Hong and tells her to leave. Although Hye Jung is obviously affected at this realization, she barrels on that she keeps her promises and so won’t leave Kookil.

10. Ji Hong’s found the evidence he needs (yippee!)

Back at his house, Ji Hong finally notices what looks like a flash drive attached to one of his childhood toys. He plugs it into a system and (thank heavens!) he finds the copy of the slush fund safe and sound. Hye Jung soon comes in, tearful as she wonders why it is that Ji Hong hadn’t told her anything. She wonders what it is that Myung Hoon’s using to keep Ji Hong in the research center and admits that she feels pretty bad because she can’t help him out. Ji Hong merely smiles at the words and then tells Hye Jung that he will now do the one thing she’d taught him to do any time she’s in that mood. With that, he pulls her into a hug and then proceeds to kiss her over and over again (smart man. Now that’s a distraction a girl can get behind :D).

Character I wanted to bitchslap:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNo one in this episode.





Headache inducing moment:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNone in this episode.





Alcohol Rep:


This episode’s a Old Fashioned Breeze; light on the conflict (thankfully. All that tension from Kang Soo’s illness and Myung Hoon being an ass was hard to deal with in the previous episode) but with a solid core. Seeing everyone rally around Hye Jung was immensely satisfying especially with seeing Myung Hoon’s put off face at the realization that other than Ji Hong, Yoon Do is also on Hye Jung’s side. I’m also thrilled to see that Chairman Hong really did leave a memento for Ji Hong because the Jins really do need to have their ways checked. They can’t keep acting like they can’t answer to the law and even if it’s for them to get a taste of what Chairman Hong had faced when he had been hounded by the media and the law, I shall be immensely satisfied. As for Myung Hoon, he still owes Hye Jung an apology and a crawling on his knees. Here’s hoping that we will get both because we waited a long long while for them.








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