W Episode 10

Quick run-through:

The webtoon’s not all fun and games when you’re starving and have to resort to breaking and entering to get yourself something to eat. It’s even worse when you have a killer on the loose and everything’s going haywire in the way “W” does best (what can I say? I love this crazy show).

Top 10 Moments:

  1. Sang Hoon pays his creator an unpleasant visit (poor Seong Moo. All his creations keep showing up to tell him how much of a failure he is)

We go back a couple of hours to when Soo Bong leaves Seong Moo alone in the house to go get them something to eat. Seong Moo goes searching for a file and comes across the the picture of Goya’s painting of Saturn devouring his son (I repeat, that painting is creepy as fuck. Why the hell does the dude still have it in his house). The message behind it is still the same: he will devour before he is devoured. Seong Moo reads it and then tears up the picture. Interestingly enough, it’s at that moment that Sang Hoon calls out to Seong Moo through his computer screen (damn. Maybe the screen really is jinxed). He praises Seong Moo for finally keeping his promise and giving him a face and we flash to Sang Hoon who spends quite a while checking out his face in the mirror. He’s delighted that he and Seong Moo have the same face and he explains that he’d felt that connection when he realized that both he and Seong Moo wanted Chul dead. Turns out that after Seong Moo had stabbed Chul, a faceless Sang Hoon had gotten a hold of him before he could flee. Thinking of that has him convinced that he and Seong Moo have the same soul. Unfortunately for Seong Moo however, Sang Hoon’s pissed that Seong Moo had betrayed him by siding with Chul to come up with a way to kill him. He’s furious because he’s been following Seong Moo’s orders all this while and this is how Seong Moo tries to pay him back, and so he pops up out of the screen (creepy) and declares that from that moment on, it’s Seong Moo’s turn to follow his commands. Cue, the yanking of Seong Moo into Chul’s world and the stealing of Seong Moo’s face (uh-oh).

2. Sang Hoon’s now the one calling the shots (Lord have mercy! This is a turn we weren’t expecting). 

After Soo Bong passes out from shock at the sight of Seong Moon’s faceless face, Sang Hoon calls out to Seong Moo to sit down and draw him a gun with a ton of bullets because he wants to kill a lot of people. Seong Moo sits down and begins to do just that (shit. So Sang Hoon just hijacked Seong Moo’s mind and now has the ability to turn the webtoon into whatever direction he wants it to go? Shit. This isn’t good. This is so not good). And so, Sang Hoon doesn’t run out of bullets as he goes to the “W” newsroom and proceeds to shoot up the place. He leaves his message for Chul and disappears and so by the time the guards and then Chul come running in, all they’re met with is the devastation Sang Hoon’s left behind.

3. Yeon Joo really can’t keep her emotions off her face (can you blame her though? The girl’s in love)

Chul holds a press conference to address the public’s concerns about him having been injured in the shootout. He explains that he wasn’t on scene and one of the reporters brings up Sang Hoon’s video message and the fact that he’d made reference to 10 years prior. They automatically assume that he’s referring to Chul’s parents murder and take it as confirmation that Chul was falsely accused. Chul doesn’t agree with or deny the words but instead states that the person responsible is fully aware of the wrong he’s done. Cheol Ho who’s watching the news report at that exact moment calls Chul a psychopath (says the crazy person with a rabid obsession to nail Chul for a crime he didn’t commit) and throws a tantrum. Yeon Joo meanwhile runs to the rooftop to avoid the suspicious doctor who suspects that she’s not a doctor at their hospital. Of course she makes sure to grab the right hospital gown and some packets of soju on her way out. She’s up on the roof, ruminating when Chul makes his appearance and Yeon Joo can’t help but have her heart in her eyes. Although she grumbles about him not remembering her face, she still tries to telekinetically wipe away Chul’s tears (yup. The girl’s a sappy romantic). Chul finally joins her and points out how inappropriate it is for her to be drinking soju (what with her being a doctor and all). Yeon Joo replies that the rest of the staff have the ER handled and besides, she’s off duty. What Chul’s actually leading up to say is that he wants some of her soju and Yeon Joo hands over the pack she was drinking and then breaks out a new pack for herself. They sit side by side in silence for a while until Chul brings up the weird way Yeon Joo has been staring at him. She replies that she’s been doing so because he looks like her husband (poor girl), and Chul has his suspicions confirmed that the ring she has around her neck is her wedding band.

4. Yeon Joo’s still stuck in Chul’s world (poor girl. Having no identity or a rich stranger-turned-boyfriend-turned-husband to help her keep her identity a secret is awfully hard).

Yeon Joo wakes up the next morning to the horrifying realization that she’s still stuck in “W”. To make things worse, she has to spend the morning sneaking around to get necessities and food so as not to get spotted by the other doctors who can easily oust her as not being a doctor in their hospital. To that effect, she can only get side dishes from the self serve aisle (poor girl) and has to actively avoid Chul. Not like that helps matters, seeing that Chul still doesn’t recognize her. The thought depresses her further as she realizes that she’s just an extra in the webtoon. Her maudlin thoughts vanish however when she gets to the hospital’s common room and runs into another resident who wonders who she is. To make matters worse, the gown Yeon Joo stole belongs to the woman and Yeon Joo quickly makes her escape.

5. Desperate times calls for desperate measures (but seriously though Yeon Joo. Did you have to make ramyeon?)

At her wits end, Yeon Joo remembers So Hee’s passcode and sneaks into So Hee’s house. She first grabs snacks from So Hee’s fridge but then decides to cook herself some ramyeon as well (girl, you’re in someone else’s house. You don’t have that time). She even debates taking a shower, but the moment is ruined when she hears Chul’s voice. Turns out he’d come to grab something from So Hee’s house. Yeon Joo immediately ducks into the bedroom, but unfortunately she forgets that she had on food on the stove and Chul notices. He pretends that he’s about to leave the room, all so she would attempt sneaking back out. The minute she makes her move, Chul barges into the room, knocks her over and turns her around so he can get a good look at the intruder and he’s quite surprised to recognize her as Yeon Joo.

6. Yeon Joo’s close to her breaking point (which is understandable when you think about it. The girl’s been in “W” for days on end and hasn’t gotten proper food or sleep).

Chul takes a picture of Yeon Joo and sends it to So Hee who doesn’t recognize her. With the owner of the apartment confirming that Yeon Joo’s a stranger to her, Chul has one of his guards call the cops. Yeon Joo however doesn’t care as she figures that at least she would get free food in prison and a place to sleep. Chul cautions her against taking prison lightly but Yeon Joo who’s been in prison before knows exactly what she’s talking about. Matter of fact, she’s okay with him calling of the cops, as long as Chul allows her eat some ramyeon first. Next thing we see, Chul’s making ramyeon and Yeon Joo’s answering his multiple questions about her identity (she’s Yeon Joo), where she lives and works (she doesn’t have either). He’s surprised, having figured that she’s a doctor but Yeon Joo replies that she isn’t a doctor at the hospital. She digs into the ramyeon once it’s ready and Chul notices the cut on her lip (from the door swinging in to hit her face when he’d kicked it open in order to apprehend her). He starts to apply healing balm on Yeon Joo’s split lip but that’s the last straw for Yeon Joo who bursts out that she’d tried keeping her distance away from him like he’d requested, but he keep pushing her. She wails that indeed she is married, but she doesn’t have a husband anymore because he disappeared shortly afterwards. Their marriage was so short that they had only been able to do four romantic things together and he hadn’t even been able to tell her that he loves her. She had been the one to do all the confessing. Chul’s understandably confused as to what the rant means but Yeon Joo waves his words off and continues digging into her food. The cops eventually show up but Chul sends them off, claiming that the ease Yeon Joo has with the police didn’t sit well with him. Yeon Joo grumbles at the words and she warns Chul not to be interested in her. Chul informs her that he’s more suspicious than interested.

7. Sang Hoon decides he wants an ally and he chooses Cheol Ho to fill in that spot (this partnership gives me the shivers)

Just like Seong Moo had initially wanted to write, the furor over the shooting and the realization that Chul was most likely falsely accused has Cheol Ho’s party leader telling him to step down. Cheol Ho’s still insistent that Sang Hoon’s words have no connection with Chul’s parents murders but the party leader’s had enough as he’s decided that Cheol Ho will not drag down the entire party with his downfall. On his way away from the meeting however, Cheol Ho receives a call from Sang Hoon who details to him the steps Cheol Ho would take when Sang Hoon’s captured (i.e. have Sang Hoon killed and try to pin it on Chul). He smirks as he states that just as Cheol Ho had sacrificed Chul to attain the position of a politician, Cheol Ho will kill Sang Hoon so he can rise to the position of the president. Sang Hoon continues that the eventual outcome to it all is that he and Cheol Ho would kill each other so that Chul would get a happy ending. However, he thinks they can work together because he can make Cheol Ho attain the position of president, what with the many things he knows about Chul (fucking hell. See, this is why it’s never a good idea to have dialogue where you spill everything you have planned for the villain you’ve created. Why? Because the villain might be crazy Sang Hoon who’s eavesdropping on the conversation and would set out to make sure that none of the things you’v planned will happen).

8. Once again, Chul gets framed (shit. Are we going to keep going with this yoyo till the end of the drama? I don’t think my heart can take the stress for so long)

Sang Hoon gives instructions to Seong Moo yet again and dictates a conversation between Chul and his father. It is this conversation that’s in the audio file that Hyeon Seok receives and as he plays it for Chul, we hear the argument between Chul and his father where his father had accused him of being drunk and Chul had warned his father not to hit him with the belt. The end result had been gunshot sounds, implying that Chul had killed his parents. Chul is horrified at the voice recording and immediately calls the file fabricated. Hyeon Seok though believes that the files couldn’t be fabricated because he remembers Chul’s parents voices and he knows they’re the ones on the file (seriously though dude? Haven’t you ever watched CSI? Or Mr. Robot? Hell, it was even used in Healer. All the person has to do is pick up separate snatches of conversation, merge them together and voila, you have a doctored audio file. I say this because I’m sure you wouldn’t believe the whole, the killer’s the one that had Seong Moo create the file and conveniently send it to you). He tells Chul to come clean and even as a heartbroken Chul is telling him that the file is false, Hyeon Seok slumps back in his bed after getting shot. And just as quickly, the gun that had done the shooting flickers into existence in Chul’s hands (shit. Yet another frame up). And so when Hyeon Seok’s wife, the nurse and cops come running in, Chul takes off running.

9. Yeon Joo finally figures it all out 

Chul heads straight to his car, kicks out his security staff and drives off. However, he has Yeon Joo in the backseat and even as he’s telling her to cut her losses and run away, Yeon Joo notices that Chul’s bleeding as well (what the hell? Was he shot or did the Sang Hoon magically write Chul’s wound into the story?). Even with his life in danger, Chul’s concern is for Yeon Joo and he tells her to take off. Yeon Joo though refuses to leave and when Chul warns her that he is a man wanted for a crime worse than Yeon Joo’s stealing, she reminds him that she has nowhere to go and nothing to lose. To that effect, she gets some money from him and runs to a pharmacy to get the things she needs to treat him. Whilst there, she sees the news report about Hyeon Seok who’s been supposedly killed by Chul. The report finally makes her realize that Seong Moo and Chul’s plan to kill the killer failed as now “W” is fully the world of Sang Hoon. Even as she says so, Cheol Ho receives a phone call from the party leader who tells him that they now have evidence that proves that Chul is the one who killed his parents. The news has Cheol Ho smiling as he reclines in his seat (what an utter jackass).

10. Well hello there kissing. We thought with all the drama that’s going on, we wouldn’t get the pleasure of your company.

Yeon Joo takes Chul to motel and whilst riding the elevator, has him keep his face down so the CCTV wouldn’t capture his face. The act surprises Chul who wonders if he and Yeon Joo have met before. Yeon Joo doesn’t reply though and instead takes him into the room (I’m awfully worried about the drops of blood that fell on the floor and the one on the door handle. That would certainly raise suspicious and can easily be traces). She starts to apply first aid, and explains that she’s sure that Chul was framed. However, there’s not much she can do right there and so she would have to leave. She asks if Chul would be alright by himself but Chul has no idea what she’s talking about, and asks who she is exactly. Yeon Joo gives him her trademark answer: she’s one of the people who wants him to have a happy ending. She then continues that she’s really desperate to return, and so hopes that what she’s about to do will work. With that said, she leans forward and with tears rolling down her face, kisses him (awwww. Even Chul is crying as well, although I’m sure he has no idea why. His subconscious knows though). The kiss does work because we see the “To be continued” chyron and Yeon Joo runs into the bathroom and makes her escape back into her own world.

Character I wanted to bitchslap:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNo one in this episode.





Headache inducing moment:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNone in this episode.





Alcohol Rep:

Source: abeautifulmess.typepad.com

This episode’s a Blood Orange Bloody Mary because holy shit that was one jam-packed hour we just got served. It’s interesting really, to see that villain take control of the webtoon especially  when we consider that Seong Moo’s earlier choices to kill Chul had seemed in sync with the killer. It gives credence to what Chul had accused Seong Moo of doing back when he paid his creator a visit: Seong Moo is a killer, except he’s been able to put himself on a high horse because the only deaths he’s been able to cause have been through his pen. But now that the killer has his face and supposedly shares his soul as well, well then, Seong Moo is in a way, responsible for the shitfest everything’s dissolved into. Another thing I find interesting is the parallels between Chul the protagonist and Sang Hoon the villain, especially the one that’s connected to their maker, Seong Moo (or at least Chul thinks he’s his maker). Both of them are disappointed in Seong Moo who runs away from his problem and has the annoying habit of using his characters as pawns. Chul hasn’t been able to get Seong Moo to confront his fears and be more emphatic to his characters, and it’s interesting that it’s the villain who’s forcing Seong Moo’s hand now. Seong Moo has now been rendered to a state of utter powerlessness and now gets a taste of exactly how his characters feel. It isn’t fun and games when your free will is taken away from you and used at will by a crazy man who has you doing all sort of weird shit even as he has weird shit happen to you. I’m guessing after this whole ordeal is done, Seong Moo would either quit writing permanently, or he would never again be so sloppy with creating his characters (and yes, I blame him for the crazily smart villain because he’s the one who gave the villain the smarts, and then made him as crazy as a loon as well).

On another note, I seriously want Soo Bong to get the fuck up. What the hell is he still doing lying unconscious whilst Sang Hoon wrecks his havoc on Seong Moo’s mind? He should get the fuck up and knock Seong Moo out. That way Sang Hoon’s vessel will be out of commission for a while and all the misunderstanding can be fixed. Even better they should barricade Seong Moo somewhere safe for the next four episodes that is needed to sufficiently end “W”. He should be locked him up somewhere without laptop or internet or phones or even a sketchpad and a pencil. That seems to be the only way out right now. That, and getting Yeon Joo to continue writing the webtoon. Either way though, Seong Moo has to be on a permanent lockdown.






6 Comments Add yours

  1. The tears wasn’t chul’s. it’s yeon joo, if watch it in HD 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really? I actually thought he was him crying; kind of like the way his subconscious had him crying when he woke up from his ‘supposed’ dream :). Thanks for spotting that.


  2. xxpeepsxx says:

    Hey, don’t blame the kid for not recovering from his faint after seeing his teacher’s FACE disappear! Also, what’s a trapped SeongMoo supposed to do? I’d agree with you if he’s all fine and well, but this guy has to get his face back!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I don’t blame him. If it was me, I will stay unconscious for months. Hahahaha. And the poor guy had already said he wanted to give up cartooning. If he survives this, he will never draw a comic again. Hehehe. The trapped Seong Moo is not so he can do something but so the killer won’t be able to use him. That killer’s scary and I can so imagine him ordering Seong Moo to kill Yeon Joo or something.


  3. Mary Bethany says:

    whether is it Chul’s tear, or Yeonjoo’s tear, it doesn’t matter. for what i know is, by witnessing YJ’s tears in closeup, and feeling it tingling on his face, the warmth of it sliding down his cheek,is suffice: which boiled down to one question: what is more precious? a woman’s kiss or a woman’s tear? i guess i will chose a man’s tear than his kiss. esp when that kiss is accompanied by that pearly tears. How many times has Chul saw her tears… just like that prison visitation room, when YJ confessed her third “I love u” to a pro-founding effect. that tears authenticated her I love you with sincerity, and again, that tears here ep11, make her kiss plastered by a silent “i love u’. can he not feel it, by not turning her away, given his ample time to say, what are u doing, or turn his face around (in the past he will just do that). he didn’t, which shown he is as much anticipating that kiss, touched by that tears.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s actually true. I never did actually think about it but every time she’s been sincere with him, the tears followed and that was what usually moved him as well. Thanks for pointing that out :).


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