W Episode 9

Quick run-through:

“W” continues to be a warning against writers who make their villains all powerful and so have to deal with the consequences of their decisions. Chul’s decision leaves Yeon Joo in a limbo of emotions even as he has no recollection of their times together. Everything’s returned back to normal, until the killer goes rogue and “W” has us once again wondering what the hell is happening and how the hell are we going to keep our fingers on things.

Top 10 Moments:

  1. All the killer wants is a name and a face (I can so totally get behind that. Guy’s creepier without either of them)

Seong Moo heads to the plane’s bathroom where the killer’s chyron pops up demanding to know who he is. He tries escaping but the killer physically appears (still creepy as fuck and missing a face), accuses him of betraying him; what with Seong Moo not keeping his promise to give him an identity and all (huh? Have these two met before because I’m still trying to understand exactly when this supposed promise to the killer occurred). He lifts Seong Moo high up in the air (of course Seong Moo gave the killer super strength as well. The idiot) and starts to strangle him. But when the concerned air hostess insistently bangs on the door, the bathroom door opens and a dazed Seong Moo steps out of the bathroom and heads back to his seat (now that’s what I call a high motivation to figure out who the hell the killer is, pronto!).

2. The unfortunate victims of the killer stay dead whilst those we really care about are all alright (thank heavens).

Yeon Joo tells us in voiceover that the killer returned back to his own world. Unfortunately the two bikers and the editor he’d killed stayed dead (shit). Thankfully though, he wasn’t able to harm Soo Sun and Soo Bong who are both alright and who discover Yeon Joo when she returns right back to Soo Bong’s car. The characters in the webtoon are also back to normal and no one has the risk of disappearing anymore (in other worlds. Everything has returned to normal, except for poor Yeon Joo and Seong Moo who’s gotten the scare of his life). Seong Moo catches up on the four “W” chapters that had been released without his knowledge, and so he’s able to see that the killer’s made Yeon Joo the next target and Chul had a horrifying moment when he’d imagined Yeon Joo with a bullet in the middle of her forehead. He heads to Soo Sun’s house and she leads him to Yeon Joo’s room where Yeon Joo’s hooked onto an IV and still unconscious. Soo Sun has no idea why Yeon Joo was drawing in Soo Bong’s hot car, nor does she understand all the ‘gibberish’ Soo Bong was spouting. Seong Moo doesn’t clarify things for her either as he flashes back to the scene where Chul had handed Yeon Joo a flash drive and told her to give it to her father. Seong Moo locates the drive and plugs it into his phone and so is able to read the letter Chul had written to him. In it, Chul tells him that he’s happy that Seong Moo’s alive. He doesn’t apologize though for what happened nor is he going to feel sorry about it. However, he believes that he and Seong Moo have unfinished business. He continues that he’s willing to keep going to fulfill the fate Seong Moo’s given him but Seong Moo also has to put in the effort to end things properly and not just run away; if anything, he should do it for Yeon Joo and give “W” a happy ending.

3. Even buried within his dream consciousness, Chul’s still able to drag Yeon Joo into his world (talk about an unending heartache)

Yeon Joo finally wakes up and heads out of her room. She’s in the living room when she gets pulled into Chul’s world and she’s able to see him fast asleep in the hospital bed. The sight hits her hard and she reaches for him but is transported back into her world before she can make contact. Chul wakes up immediately after (awwww. He sensed it) and Yeon Joo tells us that the dream must have stayed for a while in Chul’s consciousness because she keeps getting pulled in. And true enough, she gets pulled in again when she parks in the hospital garage, and she finds herself outside Chul’s hotel room looking in on him with tearful eyes. The next time she gets in, she’s just finished getting mocked by Professor Park who’s noticed her wedding band but discounts it as impossible because he’s of the opinion that she will be one of those cat women who never get married (hahahaha. It’s sad and funny all at once). Professor Park and Seok Bum then walk away, leaving Yeon Joo alone to take off the ring from her finger. She drops the ring however and as she chases it, she has no idea she’s moved into Chul’s world until she bumps into Chul who apologizes for not having seen her. There’s no spark of recognition in his eyes (oof), nor is he affected when he picks up her ring and hands it back to her. Yeon Joo tells us that just as she’d drawn it, Chul doesn’t have any recollection of her anymore. She’s right too because when Chul He walks out of the hospital doors to meet with Do Yoon, Do Yoon points out Yeon Joo and asks if he recognizes her. Chul doesn’t remember her, although he notes that she looks awfully sad. Do Yoon then asks her if maybe she’s someone Chul dated and dumped (double oof. Talk about painful) and Chul merely smiles and walks away. Yeon Joo then tells us that Chul’s stopped dreaming and the man who’d used love as a will for him to continue living is no more.

4. Chul’s back to being the Chul of old

We see Chul in a high speed chase, having the time of his life with Do Yoon by his side. They’ve picked up a police car on their tail and the two besties are not in any way concerned as they keep going with their crazy driving. It turns out though that it’s a high speed chase to lead the cops to nab some criminals and as Chul smiles at the criminals who moan about the fact that they’ve been caught yet again by Chul, Yeon Joo tells us that Chul went back to his strong criminal nabbing self who never gets discouraged, and this fact thrilled the fans (I’ll bet. I can so totally see Professor Park going out of his mind with glee. Hehehehe).

5. Seong Moo finally decides to give the killer a face and get rid of him 

A scared to his boots Soo Bong returns to Seong Moo’s house. Turns out that Seong Moo’s called him so they can continue with “W”. Soo Bong’s understandably not thrilled about the decision as he explains to Seong Moo that he’s been so terrified that he’s even decided to give up drawing cartoons (well, seeing another artist get shot by his creation can do that to you. Not to forget, there’s that pesky killer on the loose). Seong Moo though wants them to forge ahead as he’s decided to kill the killer and give “W” a happy ending. Soo Bong’s surprised at the turn and Seong Moo flashes back to the rest of Chul’s letter to him where Chul had told that Seong Moo has to create the killer’s identity as the killer can’t be some ghostly being. Instead, he must be human enough for Chul to be able to catch him. He’d also continued that the flash drive also has all the suspects he’s gone through as the potential murderers and Seong Moo has to create a killer who’s not on the list as that’s the only way Chul would be able to believe it. And so, Seong Moo passes along the reports to Soo Bong and tells him to get to reading as they have to choose a believable villain as if Chul doubts the murderer, then they will be dragged back into the vicious cycle. And to make it even better, he’s drawn the killer’s face. The killer it turns out, is Seong Moo (damn) and as Chul is shown the CCTV footage that shows Seong Moo’s face, he confirms that Seong Moo’s the guy who’d stabbed him on the rooftop.

6. Professor Park is a very happy fanboy (hahahaha)

Professor Park comes running into meet Yeon Joo with great news (according to him anyway); “W” is back on track to being the drama he’d signed up for. There’s a lot of action and Chul will end up with So Hee rather than idiotic Yeon Joo (hahahaha. It’s especially funny because that Yeon Joo and the one in front of him are the same person. Not that Professor Park knows). His mind is even more blown at the fact that Seong Moo actually decided to immortalize himself with his work by giving the killer his face. This is news to Yeon Joo, but Professor Park is utterly thrilled at this idyllic turn of events as he declares that “W” is the best (hehehe. You’re so right Professor Park. really is the best!).

7. The killer gets a profile and a name (why do I have the image of the killer doing the bogey and finally having a name and identity just like he’s always wanted? Hahahaha)

Yeon Joo calls Soo Bong who tells her of Seong Moo’s plan to end “W” in four episodes and give it a happy ending. He spills the beans by telling her of the ripple effect the killer getting a face will cause: his picture will be broadcasted on the “W” TV show and the killer will be apprehended. His name is Sang Hoon and it is discovered that he and Chul’s father used to be teammates on the shooting circuit. Sang Hoon had felt cheated by Chul’s father and has been seeing a psychiatrist for quite a while. In other words, he’s completely loco. Evidence linking him to the murder of Chul’s parents and Chul’s stabbing is found and Sang Hoon’s taken to the police station. When he has a sit down with Chul, he admits to killing Chul’s family and blames it on how arrogant Chul’s father is. He’d run into the man the day before he’d shot him and had gotten so mad that he’d paid the house a visit and ended up killing not just Chul’s father but the rest of Chul’s family. Sang Hoon smiles as he tells Chul that had Chul been there as well, he would have killed Chul too. Matter of fact, he’d thought he would be arrested almost immediately and had been pleasantly surprised to learn that the prosecution was insistent on holding Chul accountable for his parents death. The man smirks as he states that he had no idea that Chul would chase him for ten years, which was why he’d done Chul a favour by attempting to kill him on the rooftop. However, Chul had survived. The words enrage Chul well enough that he attacks Sang Hoon and starts to pummel him. The news also reaches Cheol Ho who gets backlash and is asked by the head of his party to step down. Cheol Ho’s still delusional as he insists that Chul had probably paid Sang Hoon to take the fall for him (seriously dude?!) and decides to derail the process by having hired thugs throw Sang Moon off the roof of the police station, complete with a suicide note, implicating Chul in his hand. Unfortunately for him, one of the thugs is captured by the “W” television show and he ousts Cheol Ho as the criminal mastermind.

8. Yeon Joo’s still feeling pretty sad that she’s now forgotten (girl’s totally forgotten that she almost got her ass killed).

Yeon Joo then asks Soo Bong if that’s how “W” will end. Unfortunately for her, there’s plans to end the drama with the hint of a possible romance for Chul and So Hee. It’s a happy ending that will work for the “W” fans except for Yeon Joo who explains that she feels terrible because nobody in the world of “W” remembers her and no one in her world knows what she’s gone through (quick question sweetie. You do remember that you had a killer attempt to kill you right? Because Chul did all that so you can stay safe in your world. It’s heartbreaking, yes, but at least you’re alive). And to make it worse, she’d been so comfortable that she’d not thought to take any pictures of her time there which was why she’d headed to a comic store to buy all the comics in which she’d appeared in Chul’s world. She’d then spent an evening cutting out the scenes that featured her and Chul and she’d put them up on her room wall. Soo Sun who’d come into Yeon Joo’s room at that moment though had scoffed and told her to replace the pictures with pictures of her boyfriend (oof. This show will keep punching me in the gut huh?)

9. The webtoon’s not going exactly as planned (why doesn’t that surprise me?)

Yeon Joo gets dragged once again into Chul’s world. This time around, there’s been a mass shooting at the “W” station with several people dead and many more injured. As Yeon Joo looks at the news report, she’s horrified because none of this is related to what Soo Bong had told her. She’s concerned and worried for Chul, but Chul is thankfully alright. Matter of fact, he drags her in to attend to a patient and when she gets to work, he tells her that he remembers her. Of course he means he remembers her because of the ring she’d been chasing around but which she now has hanging around her neck. We then move on to Seong Moo’s house as Soo Bong comes in carrying a bag of groceries. He finds Seong Moo with his face resting on his monitor screen and calls out to him. Except, when Seong Moo raises his face, Soo Bong (and all of us) is horrified to find a faceless and voiceless Seong Moo explaining that the killer’s taken away Seong Moo’s face (holy shit. What the fuck?). Seong Moo can only talk in the electronic chyron way the killer used to use and Soo Bong faints from the shock of it all (poor guy’s not getting paid enough for this shit).

10. The killer’s gone rogue

We flashback to the events that led to the shooting. Whilst in the midst of the “W” broadcast showing the nation the face of the killer, Sang Hoon starts shooting everyone, including Hyeon Seok (nooooo. Please tell me he’s going to make it). With everyone down, he turns to the camera and shows his face (rather, Seong Moo’s stolen face) to Chul and he looks positively giddy as he apologizes that he’s not been able to show Chul his face all this while. But now, he’s delighted to show Chul his new face and he tells Chul that he will see him more often now. With that, he shoots the camera and moments before cops step into the room, he opens up a portal and leaves.

Character I wanted to bitchslap:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNo one in this episode.





Headache inducing moment:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNone in this episode.





Alcohol Rep:

Source: huffingtonpost.com

This episode’s a Holy Smokes. Because What the fuck did I just watch? Holy shit. See? This is the reason why a writer has to think well enough before coming up with a character. This is the reason why. Because lazy writers who make their villains stronger, smarter and more devious that anyone else, and who then basically give the villains the power to disappear and reappear at will get their faces stolen by said villains. Like honestly though, what the fuck?! We barely had enough time to deal with Yeon Joo moping at the loss of her great love and being forgotten by everyone. Girl still doesn’t realize that the good thing about being forgotten is that the killer would forget her too. But wait a minute, if the killer remembers Seong Moo well enough to actually come and steal Seong Moo’s face, does that mean he also remembers that Yeon Joo’s the actual main character? Because last time I checked, she is still married to Chul. Even though Chul still thinks it’s all a dream they didn’t get a divorce because present Chul doesn’t know he’s married, meaning the killer still has her in his sights. So wait a minute, all that pain and torture with the two of them parting ways was all for nothing? Well I’ll be damned. Shit just got even more real.





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