W Episode 8

Quick run-through:

“W” once again turns things on its head with So Hee fading out of existence, the killer having an existential crisis (what with Seong Moo’s shoddy writing skills) and Chul having to make a difficult choice to protect Yeon Joo. Turns out that when separation and amnesia are on the table, some writers are awfully talented in making it all believable even as our hearts get broken in the process.

Top 10 Moments:

  1. Yeon Joo isn’t the one who saved Chul; that honour goes to a mysterious hidden force

Yeon Joo sleeps through Chul’s conversation with the killer and wakes up after the guy’s done making threats about her life (drats). Chul doesn’t tell her what has him spooked although his conversation with the now aware killer has him asking Yeon Joo the one question he should have asked her ages ago: how the hell did the ending of the webtoon change from “the end” to “to be continued”. Unfortunately, Yeon Joo doesn’t have the answer to that question as all she’s figured out is that there must have been a reason why the webtoon couldn’t end (I’ll tell you the reason. The killer your father created’s become so powerful that now he too can drive the story and decide that he doesn’t want it to end. See what your ass has caused huh Seong Moo? Didn’t you take any writing classes? Weren’t you warned that an antagonist can become just as strong and motivated as the protagonist? Sheesh! Dude. This is all your fault).

2. Chul creates a character profile for the killer (something Seong Moo should have done in the first place!)

After receiving a phone call from Do Yoon who informs him that they’ve not been able to trace the location or identity of the mystery caller (huh, that’s probably because the psycho’s over at Yeon Joo’s world), Chul sits down and begins an analysis of the killer. He draws up yet another report and states that he’s discarding all the other hypothesis he’s come up with so far because the killer definitely exists. What’s worse? He’s insubstantial because he’s not been given a face or identity. He also feels no sadness or joy because he has no personality; what with him having been created solely for the purpose of murdering Chul’s family and all. The killer’s sole purpose therefore is to traumatize Chul and be Chul’s motivation for solving violent crimes. And to do so, he can appear and disappear at will, without any context whatsoever, if that’s what the creator wills (which means, Seong Moo, what the hell were you thinking making the killer so powerful?)

3. Chul’s imagination is scary. Really scary (Dude. Why the hell aren’t you imagining something more pleasant huh? Like say a happy ending or something)

Yeon Joo walks into the Chul’s office, all happy and twirling in the gorgeous pink dress she’s selected to wear to the State Dinner, Chul had gotten them a ticket to attend. She’s confused at Chul’s not so pleased expression, completely unaware that Chul’s at the moment remembering the killer’s promise to put a bullet in the middle of Yeon Joo’s forehead. Chul’s frantic as he asks her to return back home but the problem with that is that Yeon Joo can’t return at will (the laws of the webtoon and all which just makes everything so much more complicated). And as if thoughts of the bullets had conjured it, Chul notices a bullet hole in the window pane and turns horrified eyes to Yeon Joo who sure enough has a bullet in her forehead. Thankfully though, it’s all in his head (dude, don’t fucking scare me like that again) and he pulls her into a hug (whew! Scary. Scary).

4. Yeon Joo’s lost her invincibility mojo

Yeon Joo has a pleasant dream about a magical night in Chul’s arms at the state dinner. However, she trips over her shoes and falls off her bed, cutting her dreams short. The sound also has the guards and Chul running in to check on her and after ascertaining that there’s no threat, the guards leave her alone with Chul. She’s curious as to why there’s a need for the guards especially because she knows the killer can’t get to her (what with her being invincible and all). Chul though would rather take precautions because of the changing variables in his world (dude is right Yeon Joo. Listen to him). What it means though is that they wouldn’t be able to go to the state dinner and the thought has Yeon Joo looking down in the dumps as she’d been looking forward to it. Worse is the fact that they’ve not gotten the chance to do the many sweet things they were meant to have done (a la the book on everyday romance that Chul had gotten). Chul smiles at the words and the next thing we see, he’s leading Yeon Joo by hand into the kitchen so he can cook her a meal. Except, the only food Chul can make is ramyeon (hahaha) and to make things even more hilarious, he has no idea where everything is (hahaha). Yeon Joo then takes over the cooking after admonishing him to study recipes so next time he can make her something to eat. She sets out to get the ingredients she would need and Chul brings up the killer and wonders why on earth Seong Moo would sic a killer on his daughter. Yeon Joo doesn’t think Seong Moo’s responsible however. Besides, the man’s in New Zealand and had vowed to not write one more chapter of “W” again. Chul then wonders who exactly is writing the scene then (dude, you and me both) but all questions fade away when Yeon Joo cuts herself and starts to bleed. Seeing the formerly invincible Yeon Joo bleed has Chul horrified as he points out that this means the killer really can kill Yeon Joo (fucking hell). The minute he makes the declaration, the “to be continued” chyron pops and Yeon Joo disappears (shit!).

5. So Hee’s slowly disappearing from existence (shit. I wonder how the hell she’ll ever deal with it should she learn that she’s a webtoon character).

With Yeon Joo and Chul both wondering what has changed and why she’s no longer invincible, Chul receives a call from So Hee who’s drunk off her ass and wailing about the fact that Chul’s now married which means that there’s no place for her in his life. The minute she starts to wail and ask who she is to Chul, her hand fades out (fucking hell), and this time around, So Hee actually notices. She screams and drops the glass and before her horrified eyes, she sees herself flicker in and out. Chul who’s on the other end of the call remembers Do Yoon telling him about So Hee disappearing. He immediately heads towards So Hee’s house and on his way, he realizes that characters in the webtoon are tied to their purpose. So the minute their purpose ceases to exist, they too disappear forever. It’s what’s happening to Hyeon Seok whose existence has started to fade out after Chul said that he has no interest in finding the killer anymore. It’s what’s happening to So Hee who’s no longer a main character and it’s the reason why Yeon Joo can now be injured in Chul’s world: by marrying Chul, she’s basically become a cartoon character (fucking hell!).

6. The killer’s just as pissed at “W’s” ending (in other words, he too thinks Seong Moo’s a shitty writer)

Chul also wonders if maybe the killer’s also become a main character as well. And sure enough, we see that the killer’s now a main character as well. He hadn’t frozen when the others in the webtoon world had frozen and he’d noticed the portal through which Chul had disappeared. And so, he’d gone through the portal into Yeon Joo’s world where he’s still faceless (creepy) and talks in chyron (creepier) as he wonders where he’s at and where Chul is. Being in Yeon Joo’s world though means that he’s able to come face to face with the “W” comics (shit) and he gets angry because he too wanted to learn what his identity is. The killer then goes into a monologue (Still in chyron) wondering why Chul killed himself after he (the killer) has waited for ten long years. Chul continues that the killer had gotten pissed because he wants “W” to end with Chul, and he is the one that had willed the story to continue (well I’ll be damned), and now, he’s stuck in Yeon Joo’s world without any idea how to return to Chul’s world (shit. Fuck!). Time is ticking and Yeon Joo’s worried as to what Chul’s doing at the moment and how she can return. Unfortunately, all thoughts of returning have to be pushed to the side as she receives a call from the killer (fuck) who (still in Chyron) states that she’s back, addresses her as Seong Moo’s daughter, Yeon Joo and the one who’s married to Chul. Yeon Joo’s understandably terrified, and she should be because the killer’s at the moment at Seong Moo’s editor’s office currently looking at Seong Moo’s information, with one of the editors he’s strangled to death, right beside him (fuck. Fuck!). He disappears shortly after and Yeon Joo bustles Soo Bong out of the house. Soo Bong has no idea what’s wrong and why she’s in such a hurry and Yeon Joo doesn’t attempt to calm his fears as all she can tell him is that he should get as much distance away from the house as possible. Unfortunately, the killer still notices them and levels a gun at Yeon Joo. He aims for a head shot and shoots. Fortunately for Yeon Joo, she disappears and reappears in Chul’s world (whew! That was close. But what about poor Soo Bong. Killer dude obviously has no qualms about killing anyone who gets in his way).

7. The killer’s having an existential crisis (what the mindfuck is happening?)

Thankfully, the killer doesn’t kill Soo Bong and Soo Bong’s able to run away and get Soo Sun to run away with him (whew! Thank heavens she hadn’t entered the house). The killer goes to the house though and the minute he spots Seong Moo’s travel information, he disappears. Seong Moo’s on a plane headed back to Seoul and he decides to use the bathroom. Whilst he’s there, the killer’s chyron pops up with him asking Seong Moo who he (the killer) is and where Chul is at. He tells him to help him find out who he is (fucking hell) and when Seong Moo tries to run out of the bathroom, the killer grabs him (uh-oh).

8. Chul has to break Yeon Joo’s heart in order to save So Hee

Chul and Yeon Joo head over to So Hee’s apartment. They can’t get in, but Yeon Joo remembers Soo Hee’s passcode, thanks to Soo Bong’s obsessing about So Hee. They’re thus able to head in and Chul’s surprised to find So Hee almost disappearing. She figures that she’s dying, what with her disappearing and all but Chul lies that she isn’t disappearing. She’s only seeing things because she’s drunk. So Hee then points out Chul’s wedding band and wails that he’s married and she means nothing to him. Chul consoles her by stating that his marriage is all fake and doesn’t mean anything to him. The person who’s important to him is So Hee and she’s the most important person to him. At the words, So Hee becomes solid again (whew!). Whilst she sleeps, Chul remembers when they were both in high school and he’d shared with So Hee his dream of going into computers. He’d been confident that he would pull it off because he’s a genius and So Hee had teased him about his thinking he’s a genius. Back to present times, Yeon Joo declares that it’s all her fault because she’d become the main character. Chul though believes it’s Seong Moo’s fault for giving each of his characters just one reason to exist.

9. Chul makes a tough request (shit) and gives us one hell of a believable amnesia cause

Back at the penthouse, Chul takes Yeon Joo up to the roof and asks her to do him a favour when she returns to her world: she should draw a scene that makes everything that’s happened so far all a dream. He figures that if it was all a dream, it would mean that he would never have met her, he would not have gotten obsessed with finding her, and so wouldn’t have heard about the world being a webtoon and thus, the killer wouldn’t have followed him into Yeon Joo’s world. In other words, he wants a reset because that’s the only way he can guarantee that she will be safe (shit). He gives a resigned smile as he admits that he can live with the only reason for his existence being that he would chase after a killer endlessly and should Yeon Joo miss him, she just needs to look at his face on a comic book (fuck). With that said, he steps onto the ledge, explains that this is the only way he knows to get her back to her world ASAP, and with that, he takes a backwards tumble.

10. Ooof. Heartbreak

Chul comes to as tears fall from his eyes. So Hee’s surprised that he’s crying and all Chul can say is that he was dreaming. Unfortunately, he can’t remember his dream at all. Do Yoon scolds him for his recklessness in going up on the rooftop alone and he and So Hee wonder what would have happened to Chul had the waiter not gone up to the roof and discovered him. We then move onto Yeon Joo who’s returned to Soo Bong’s car. She has her iPad on and cries as she reads the new chapter of “W” that has resumed with Chul back in the hospital (from the very first stabbing) and believing that everything that’s happened to him is a dream. She cries some more as she rubs the ring on her finger whilst over at Chul’s world, he absently runs his hands over his ring finger :(.

Character I wanted to bitchslap:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNo one in this episode.





Headache inducing moment:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.45.16 AM copyNone in this episode.





Alcohol Rep:

Source: drinks.seriouseats.com

This episode’s a Cloak and Dagger. Sure there’s the sweetness of the time Yeon Joo and Chul spent together but that period is minuscule compared to all the hidden twists and turns the episode is fraught with. It’s also interesting to note that the writer is making this drama about creative writing and making meta comments about writing and how sloppy work done by writers can lead to disastrous consequences. Other writers might merely get the whiplash effect of having to deal with plots that suck and readers complaining about the lack of character growth or motivation. But in this drama, we see the direct repercussions of this. Making a stereotype for a character is shoddy writing and Seong Moo’s now suffering from it. He made his antagonist all powerful and didn’t give his characters multiple reasons to exist. They’re not well-rounded at all and now everything’s collapsing like a pack of cards. Seong Moo might be a terrible writer but Song Jae Jung (the writer of W) is an amazing one.




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