The Flower in Prison Episode 9

Quick run-through:

Sometimes, you need the truth to stare you in the face before you realize, you’re fucked. Really fucked. Ok Nyeo finally discovers who’s out for her head and tells the truth. Lord Yoon finds out that killing the Queen’s first love is a terrible, terrible idea. Tae Won has one more reason to hate his father and treasurer Ji goes down the history records as being one of the best surrogate fathers, ever.

Top 10 Moments:

  1. Ok Nyeo is still being stupid

After the head of the palace guard found a way to reach out to her and ask her if truly she’s the one responsible for Tae Soo’s death, Ok Nyeo, remembering the words of the police chief and not realizing that the person who almost killed her in prison had been sent by her fellow spies, lies to the guard that her mistake led to Tae Soo’s death. For someone trained to be a spy, the girl’s way too trusting.

2. Ok Nyeo’s rescued by the palace guard

Upon hearing that Ok Nyeo was placed in solitary confinement, not because she had attempted to kill her cellmate but because said cellmate had tried strangling her in her sleep, the head of the palace guard arranges for a forged document requesting Ok Nyeo to be moved to the department of justice to be produced and instead moves her into hiding. The news that Ok Nyeo’s nowhere to be found and that the act was probably arranged by the palace guard has Lord Yoon furious and desperate to have her found and killed. Except, she’s now in the underground prison Tae Soo spent twenty years in; underground in Jeonokseo.

3. Jung Nan Jung strikes

Looking for a way to strike at Tae Won without Lord Yoon being alerted to the fact that his son is still alive, Jung Nan Jung sends a report to future son-in-law Ji Hun about Tae Won’s merchant association selling banned items. This leads to Ji Hun raiding the office in search for the banned items that would have him cracking down on the organization just as Jung Nan Jung wishes. And here I was thinking Ji Hun would remain honest and unlikely to be used for other’s benefit. Pfft.

4. Ok Nyeo puts Chun Doong on search duty and receives good news

After moving into Jeonokseo, Ok Nyeo has treasurer Ji bring Chun Doong to come secretly meet her so she can charge him with her request to find Tae Soo’s grandson like she’d promised the dying man she would. Chun Doong remembering the rings treasurer Ji had said were similar to Ok Nyeo’s shows her the jade rings he stole and gets charged to find the woman who owns the rings.

5. The prison chief sells out Ok Nyeo

After learning that Lord Yoon is desperately searching for Ok Nyeo, and realizing that this is his chance to gain Lord Yoon’s flitting support, the prison chief decides to sell out Ok Nyeo to achieve his goal. Lord Yoon, upon hearing his words has the spies head straight to the prison to kill Ok Nyeo. Thankfully, Tae Won who was also there to meet Ji Hun, who he had planned to reason with in letting the head merchant go, overheard the conversation and ran to get Chun Doong so they can get her out in time.

6. The spies come to kill Ok Nyeo but Tae Won and Chun Doong get there first

After hearing that Ok Nyeo’s life is in danger, Chun Doong takes Tae Won to Jeonokseo. Treasurer Ji is initially worried about the stranger who is in the prison but the minute he hears that Ok Nyeo’s life is at stake, he hands them the key, giving Tae Won and Chun Doong just the time they need to get Ok Nyeo out of the prison, moments before the spies arrive.

7. Ok Nyeo learns the truth

Finally, after spending all that time locked up with the expectation that the police chief will get her out of prison, Ok Nyeo whilst hiding behind a wall overhears the other spy standing with the police chief and giving the order to the guards to find her and kill her. Thankfully, she is able to escape, leaving the prison chief to deal with the wrath of a pissed off Lord Yoon.

8. Treasurer Ji is a hoot

Figuring out that the prison chief would be out for blood after the previous night’s beating at the hands of Lord Yoon, treasurer Ji psychs himself up when he’s called and feigns ignorance at Ok Nyeo’s escape, even going as far as telling the prison chief to admit it to him if he’s the one that helped Ok Nyeo escape. This has the prison chief so befuddled that he kicks treasurer Ji out with the assumption that the latter has no knowledge of the incidence. Nicely played treasurer Ji. Nicely played 😆

9. Lord Yoon and Jung Nan Jung fall out of the Queen’s favour

Sensing that Lord Yoon had something to do with the death of her first love: Tae Soo, the queen cuts off contact with Lord Yoon who she forbids from seeing her again, unless she calls for him. When Jung Nan Jung heads over to see her and beg for forgiveness, she cuts her off as well, leaving Jung Nan Jung to echo Lord Yoon’s words that they have to kill Ok Nyeo.

10. Ok Nyeo comes clean to Tae Won

And she leaves nothing out. Telling him everything from her first meeting of Tae Soo, to her becoming a spy. She doesn’t even leave out the fact that her first mission was to assassinate the Ming envoy and that she’s now being blamed for causing Tae Soo’s death even though he was assassinated by another spy on Lord Yoon’s orders. Tae Soo listens, angry on her behalf at the people who used her and now want her dead.

Character I wanted to bitch slap

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 11.06.10 AM

For someone who claims to be intelligent and on a straight and narrow, his hands are not really as clean as he claims and he’s really stupid. Jung Nan Jung is using him and to make matters worse, he’s not even aware of that. Plus, she as much as told him that all merchants sell banned items to make a profit, why not throw it back at her that she too must be selling banned items? If you’re going to be honest, be honest all the way.

Headache inducing moment:

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 11.49.58 AM

Because I could practically see him taking away the brief peace Ok Nyeo had achieved by staying in the underground cell. And for what? For Lord Yoon who would probably forget the favor in a couple of months? Treasurer Ji’s right. The man’s an idiot.

Alcohol Rep:


This episode’s a sidecar. It’s warm and mellow and you find yourself taking little sips until you look at the glass and are amazed that it’s all done. Then you start yelling for more. Lol.


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  1. OMGosh, will you please continue your TFIP review posts? I love them. Hehehe… Specially how you always compare each episode with a beverage. I’m no alcoholic or cocktail drinker, but I felt like I’m learning a lot because of your posts – about the drama and about these drinks together. Haha.

    Also – I love your “b****slapped” list,” ’cause I can totally relate to them. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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