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Love o2o Episode 2

We start our courtship off in the same way we started off the drama: in the role playing game. Nai He sets out to not only marry Wei Wei but making it everything she didn’t know she wanted (in other words, he so kicked Zhen Shui’s butt. Hahahaha). Guang’s a poison pen writer, Wei Wei’s no shrinking violet and Nai has a cruel streak that works perfectly well for me.

Love o2o Episode 1

Gaming, a kickass heroine who is smart, capable, beautiful and with a solid head on her shoulders; it’s 44 mins of awesomeness that guarantees that Love o2o will have its place in my heart. Wei Wei’s awesome, as her friends and roommates. Nai’s still unknown, although the little we see has him in a good light. Even in games assholes will still be assholes, but nothing says I can do better than you than finding a top notch replacement for your jerk of an ex-husband.

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Episode 1

A rapscallion prince and a girl playing at a being a boy; it’s a funny combination of lightness and heart and a ton of pretty. I mean, come on, have you see Park Bo Gum? Kim Yoo Jung? Jin Young? That’s a whole lot of pretty and mischief that just made the time fly.

W Episode 12

This episode takes us into the big leagues and we get our introduction to Chul 2.0. He’s stronger, he’s faster, he’s more mature and he’s more intelligent; a brilliant combination that has us all screaming for more and hanging on to the show that continues to defy our expectations, and has us addicted to every single second.

W Episode 11

This episode’s a classic “W”. We’re thrown yet another curveball that has us realizing that no one is truly safe in the world of “W”. Yeon Joo comes to Chul’s rescue although it puts her in Sang Hoon’s path. Chul learns way more that Yeon Joo bargained for but there’s a moment of sweet romance that makes it all worthwhile.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 2

Turns out that even coming from the 21st century doesn’t necessarily make you as smart as you should be. So’s parents won’t be winning any parents of the year awards, not like they care. So continues to get hurt (physically and emotionally); we continue to learn more about the princes and this episode has me thinking that Moo might face an assassination attempt in every episode (poor Moo).

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 1

We kick things off in true time-traveling fashion: one girl drowns and comes back to life surrounded by handsome hunks who are all shirtless and wondering who the hell she is (hahaha. Not quite, but close). We meet our heroine, our hero and the myriad of princes that are his brothers, plus one bratty sister as well. There’s political intrigue, cuteness overload, lots of hunky men and comedy to tie it all together. All in all, a pretty strong first episode.

Doctors Episode 18

Myung Hoon’s still scheming although Ji Hong and Tae Ho are close to nabbing him. Seo Woo’s growing up, Hye Jung’s pissed enough to kill, Kang Soo’s all better and Yoon Do shows his fangs even as he shows Myung Hoon that there’s someone else on Hye Jung’s side.

W Episode 10

The webtoon’s not all fun and games when you’re starving and have to resort to breaking and entering to get yourself something to eat. It’s even worse when you have a killer on the loose and everything’s going haywire in the way “W” does best (what can I say? I love this crazy show).

W Episode 9

“W” continues to be a warning against writers who make their villains all powerful and so have to deal with the consequences of their decisions. Chul’s decision leaves Yeon Joo in a limbo of emotions even as he has no recollection of their times together. Everything’s returned back to normal, until the killer goes rogue and “W” has us once again wondering what the hell is happening and how the hell are we going to keep our fingers on things.

W Episode 8

“W” once again turns things on its head with So Hee fading out of existence, the killer having an existential crisis (what with Seong Moo’s shoddy writing skills) and Chul having to make a difficult choice to protect Yeon Joo. Turns out that when separation and amnesia are on the table, some writers are awfully talented in making it all believable even as our hearts get broken in the process.